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  • Hello folks!

    So, I recently jumped in the deep end and got Evo with all the bells and whistles (Ero deserves all the support he can get for this).

    You may know, you may not, my favourite human being in the universe is Annette Jemima Feroo, and she's not a real human being, she's a V4-based e-girl! I'd really love to create Annie with PE and I've been working hard to achieve this today.

    Attached are some renders, showing my progress. I'm looking for pointers on this, for anyone who has worked with PE and V4 with the ++ morphs. Annie's original materials used the 'Becky' character from PDesigns as a base and I added a lot of 'stuff' to her skin, such as veins and the odd extra mole here and there.

    I would like the Evo Annie to be much more realistic than the original (there have been a large number of versions of Annie, but the latest is the one with Ero's Lali's Bits). I'm looking at certain areas of her face and body for ways to tweak her definition but keep her as Annie.

    Problem areas with shaping so far have been forehead, chin, shoulders, boobs (entire torso in general is too 'beefy') and hips.

    I'll try to keep this structured, as best I can. All images will be ordered from the original to the evo version for comparison, so the first image will be the original Annie.

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    I have deliberately changed her inside leg, as those bulges were irritating on the original. Also, I have crudely applied the original face to the 'Caucasion2' face which came with PE, just to see if I could get everything looking decent. I haven't changed any materials and, for some reason, she is coming out much darker... perhaps she has been sunning herself in the garden :)

    I used AlfaSeed's Desir Hair on both, as that's what I used when I first created Annie, all those years ago, with the custom material I made for her. This hair is slightly lifted off the top of the head, resulting in a longer looking face, but the head is the same height, so that's an easy fix.

    Please let me know what I can do to improve... it doesn't look like Annie very much and I'm not sure why. Any assistance with this project would be enormously appreciated!

    Oh and, by the way, as you can see... the artefacts are back in the renders, lol! I dunno, might well move onto SF before long anyway. ;)

    Thanks for your time, everyone, and thanks for a stonking young lady, Ero!

  • The biggest hurdle for me at the moment is how to make her irises bigger...

  • I found the iris morph... I've also put new eyebrows on her and am currently rendering out a side-by-side test...

  • Original left, Evo right. Still some tweaking needed but I'm not entirely sure where. The mouth part of the texture is slightly overlapping the mesh of the lip, so that's one thing, but the eyes don't look quite right, for some reason. Hmmm...

    I've had a good go with the rest of the body too and am doing a few test renders to see how I've done.


  • I have been toying with the idea of making Annie look a little older and giving her a tiny bit more weight to throw off the fact that she doesn't look identical. I've been doing a bit more today. This is as close as I think I can get to her original look. Can I change anything for the better, or shall I try making her a little older and pudgier? I'm talking ever so slightly here, not a lot at all.


  • @Glen85
    Eyes (the outer angle)
    Brows the left images are closer in then the right image and the shape as well)
    The nose
    the lips
    and the chin all need a little ..tweaking

  • @chk2033
    thats only if your trying to make them look the same,,other than that though it still looks good on its own.

  • I know what you mean about the brows, though the new ones are unplucked, so they will look different, but I will try to bring them closer together. As for the rest, I think I may need to use the morph brush. Still, I'm very impressed with the versatility of the default morphs on Evo for getting me this far! Ero has outdone himself and many others, IMHO!

  • sorry I didnt read that part (default morphs) thought you were trying create your own from scratch (like thru Zbrush) sorry,yes she does have a lot of options to work with (Evo)

  • I just want to say that I REALLY like the character you've made with Evo :) She looks GOOD.

    As for the eye textures, Ghostship has some Eye shaders for Evo. Not sure where, but perhaps @ghostship can chime in ;) I downloaded them, but my memory is like a sieve ...

  • I don't have ZBrush or anything, so I just have to work with Poser. I've done a little more to her face, rounded off her chin and adjusted her jaw angle a little. I'm hoping to transform her materials to superfly when everything else is done and see if I can get a much more realistic render going with her.

    Thank you, Trekkiegrrrl, that means a ton coming from you, as I've been a massive fan of yours for years!

    Yes, Annie was the first character I made properly in Poser. She's had loads of different materials and used loads of different base textures etc over the years, but I settled on these quite a while ago. I've done loads of stuff with Annie over the years... she even has her own Facebook page (Annie Feroo) which she is terrible at keeping updated, lol (blame me, I guess...).

    I think, later on today, I will put the veins onto her new skin and see how it looks. I've added a touch of aging to her, as she's knocking on 30's door now, being born in 1991, so she should age a bit from when she was first created back in 2008/9.

    I've made a few overhauls of her in this time. The first few were to textures and materials. Then I added the 'perfect' morphs to get rid of most of V4's dodgy bits. After those came Lali's Bits, which, as I'm sure Ero will remember (because I pestered him like hell until I got it right), was a big headache, for some reason. Then I changed her height to be much more petite, which I parodied with a new render featuring her stood with a sulky expression, rubbing her sore head, with a cartoon mallet on the floor next to her, lol! Then came her bodyhair, which was another massive step, now this!

    I'm hoping the Exnem body hair can be made to fit Evo, as it's essential to Annie's character (she is supposed to be a hippie, after all!). Either that, or that some fantastic soul can make a new product that's similar. Most of the pubic hair props will work (Exnem's didn't on the Lali's Bits version of V4, so I improvised, most of the time, but it was never quite right), as will Henrika's underarm hair props, which are very nice to work with.

    I'll post the latest update when it is done rendering. It's a full-body, side by side one.

  • I've just realised that her eyes are too close together by about two mil either side, so I've just changed that too. The main thing right now is the eyes, I think... the crease of the top eyelid doesn't go far enough towards the bridge of the nose and I'm not sure what to do about that at the moment, and the crease along the bottom of the eye socket from the nose outwards is too sharp, which I think I can smooth out with the morph brush.

    Her eyebrows are actually just about spot on, it's just they're different and are less dense to the inner ends, so I will bring them together anyway, to make it look more like she doesn't pluck them anymore.

    See, this is the thing with me, it's not really a case of artistic license, I have to justify any differences or it's not the same character... even if I have to go to such lunacy as belting her over the head with a toon mallet, lol!

  • I think I'm pretty much at the limit as far as morphing goes. I would like to fix her eyes and make them more like the old version, but if that's not possible, I guess I'll have to live with it. I'm quite happy with her body, although some more definition around her shoulder blades would be brilliant. Her tummy could do with being a little less 'knobbly' but I'm not overly fussed with that. I'm happy with everything else, even the slightly broader shoulders, as she is supposed to have gained a little bit of weight anyway, as I mentioned before.

    We could do with some more boob morphs, as her boobs do stick out a little far forwards and the hanging morphs aren't quite as useful as those on the Lali's Bits V4 were. We also need a morph or two for lying on the back, but that can all come later.

    As it stands, just with morphing and making a few simple poses, I'm overjoyed with Evo! Well worth the money, plenty of bang for the buck! I cannot recommend this enough! I've achieved far more than I ever thought I could and I'm a complete plonker, so it should be an absolute breeze for those in the know about these things!

    I need to do more work to her textures, such as brows, veins, a few birthmarks, her eyes etc, but that will come later... I'm getting pissed tonight in celebration of my little poppet Annie reaching another milestone!

    Let's see that bodyhair become available, that would be absolutely fantastic! By the way, if anyone is doing that, could you let me know, please? If anyone knows about female bodyhair and how to get it looking awesome, it's me... I've always been fluffy and proud, and proudly into fluffy women... there's no other way to be... keep negative opinions to yourselves, lol!

    I may do a celebratory side by side render with 'Annie Evo' and 'Annie Original' with all her bodyhair, just as an ultimate comparison to show where I want her to be before too long. ^_^

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  • :O

    Are these strand-based eyebrows and, if so, where can I get them, please? They look superb! Not quite the style I want for Annie, but I'm sure I can work with them, if they're strand-based!

    Also, if they are strand-based, maybe this could be a sign of incoming bodyhair... :D

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    @Glen85 Those are fiber mesh from zbrush. ;)

  • Cool, thanks! Are they available to buy and is all-over hair possible, from coarse to peach fuzz?

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    @Glen85 Not sure if Bissy released them. But to make a fuzzy body hair from zbrush fibers would kill most puters. LOL
    Too heavy in polygons.
    I made a pubic set for PE and that is pretty heavy. lol

  • Have you seen Exnem's body hair for V4? that's quite dense and doesn't do a horrendous amount to hog my resources. I mean it does add to loading and render times, obviously, but not as much as one might think. All that's needed is the same thing for Evo with some fuzz around the face and ears, and some more hair extending from the forearm down the writer's palm and from the shin along the top of the foot. That's it.

    If that product can be converted to Evo, I would be happy to give it my absolute all to fill in the blanks, but I tried to make something similar for years with V4 and never even got close with it in Poser's hair room. Total and utter waste of time, it really was. If Poser hairs were plastic, I would be solely responsible for the demise of our ocean life, with the amount I've shaved off and binned doing that, lol!

    Anyway, I think it's sorely needed, frankly, just as it was with V4 and still is with M4. Let's face it, the Genesis male and female figures both have full body hair for them, so why not? Let's rival the 'other guys' with these products, seriously! Let's get Poser back in the thick of it, where it belongs!

  • I don't think the promo images do it justice... I'll post some renders of the V4 Annie sporting this system in a mo.

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    @Glen85 That is doable. A bit of work though.