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    For years I've been enjoying making goodies for you guys, for my fellow artists.
    It always makes my day to see what artists create with my content and it’s a pleasure for me to help improving skills with one of my video tutorials.

    However time management isn't my strongest talent!
    Doing big projects which are popular (like Hair products which can be used in Poser & Daz Studio) take up a lot of time and do not leave much room for anything else.

    I really miss making goodies and video tutorials. Creating all kinds of things, like Clothing, Objects, Textures, Brushes, Alphas, Resources and Morphs is a passion I like to spend more of my time on.

    And that is where Patreon comes in : The ability to create 2D and 3D content for you guys that would otherwise not exist and for me to get a little compensation in return.

    If you liked my freebie goodies in the past, consider becoming my Patron to be able to download new 2D & 3D Nibbles content!

    Why become my Patron?
    •Exclusive acces to Patrons-only posts where I offer my 2D & 3D Content Nibbles not available to the general public.
    •Download my Biscuits Patron Goodie Bag Zipfile. (A selection of 2d and 3d content, like Backgrounds, Textures, Clothing, Props and Morphs, I've made over the past years).
    •When we reach a Goal you will get access to the Reward associated with it. For example a Patrons-only Full Hair product not available in the stores.

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    I have uploaded another goodie for my Patrons.
    This time a large collection of Photoshop Brushes to Texture eyes for 3D Characters.

    0_1544280213923_Biscuits iris photoshop brushes2.png 0_1544280225364_iris photoshop brushes.png

    If you are interested in Downloading this Photoshop Brush Collection, you are welcome to become my Patron on:

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    I made brand new blond hair textures for my Patrons (fits on all my hairs).
    My Patreon Page

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    0_1549887831373_Goblet Patreon.jpg

    Made a Fantasy Metal Goblet for Superfly.
    Direct Download for my patrons!

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    0_1550152410023_Valentine Patreon.png

    Instead of chocolates I got my Patrons Valentine Fabric Textures!