Basic work setting/Page Mgr

  • I'm trying to get 1st page to start on page 6 where the actual story begins: these are the settings I have now.

    also what exactly is a reading font?1_1533575778183_Pg Mgr.png 0_1533575778182_Basic work setting.png

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  • You have to make the Start Number -5 (because of 0). The Page Manager will use a different numbering system and the Start Number of 1 will be printed on the 6th page. Even if you used cover pages the Page Manager numbering would go: cover page, cover page (back), 3, 4, 5, ….
    If you were to use Cover Pages and chose a Start Number of -1, that first page number would appear on page three of the Page Manager. You also have to click Folio to have that page number appear on the printed page.

    Reading is most often used in Manga to let the reader know how something like special dialects or characters are to be read. An English example might be "OMG" with a reading of "oh my god". The reading appears above the text in much smaller font.

  • Thanks for the speedy response @garlam , Actually, the author doesn't want to print the page number, but for referencing in the page manager , I was wondering if at all possible that the page manager only—would show page 6 as page 1, but if not I guess we'll have to work around it

  • If you uncheck folio and only use the Story Information section of the work settings the page number will appear on the outside of the trim so that it won't appear in print but will appear on the working page.

  • That's how I have the settings in the image above, but nothing moves.

  • I can't see anything wrong with your settings. On the bottom left of the page, outside of the trim, you should see:

    (number) Page
    Character Counts

    With a -6 start number, Page 1 will start on Page Management's page 7.

  • @garlam yes, I was able to do that, but what I was trying to do was change the page manager's thumbnail numbering but i found out that can't happen,........but it worked out—I'll just have to open the page and go by the blind folio. Once again, thanks garlam.