Need help with Animated Origin in PP11

  • I managed to finally get this working in PP2014, but PP11 changed around the origin points on me again. Just before you say anything , let me say I do know i need to go into the Joint editor, BUT I still can't move the origin around without moving the whole prop, in this case a door. I wantt to move the origin of the door from center mass to the left side of the door so that it can swing open and closed. The manual says i should click on the key icon to allow me to do that, but when i do, nothing changes. I still move the whole prop id I try to just move the origin. Help me Obi-Wan, you're my only hope!0_1467394851049_origin.png

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    If you're moving them by hand, you should get a bullseye when you hover the mouse over the center of the green or red crosses. You can also click in the white number boxes in the joint editor and you'll get a scroll wheel that pops up below the box. That's better for more accurate movement. Scroll the wheels and the crosses will move left or right, up down, etc, to get them to where you need them to be.

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    You didn't state whether this is a rigged figure or a separate prop from the walls. If it's a separate prop, and moving the origin doesn't behave like I described, then there's some other issue that needs investigating.

  • @AmbientShade It is a separate prop. It does change to a bullseye, but for some reason I can't get them to move. I suppose i could move the origins in PP2014, but now that makes me wonder what PP11 will do if I import it into that?

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    @eclark1849 Does moving them with the dials below the value boxes in the joint editor do the same thing?

    Is the door parented to anything? A parented prop doesn't behave the same way that a non-parented prop behaves.

    You could make the entire set a figure and make a bone for the door, then turn off bending and adjust the joint centers appropriately.

  • @AmbientShade Same thing, Shane. And no the door isn't parented yet.

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    Ok. Try changing the origin on a basic primitive, like a box. If you have the same issues then there might be a bug somewhere.

    Make sure you have the latest SR installed. I don't know what else would cause the problem.

  • Turn off animated origin. (the white key top right) Then you will be able to drag the origins to the edge of the door.

    You don't need animated origin on a single door. With it turned on like you have it, Poser thinks you are trying to set up an animated center, not just re position the props center point.

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    I thought he said it didn't make any difference whether the key was on or not, in his first post.

  • I saw that, but you can't move the origin (based on the prop center), while it is on.
    Once you turn it on it assumes you want to animate the center (Ie: for a bi-fold door doors center hinge), not offset it within the prop itself.

  • @shvrdavid Okay, I honestly don't know what's going on. I can import a simple box primitive and change the origins with no problems. I bring in the door and try to change the origin on that and nothing. Best I can do is change the position of the red origin marker. The green one will just move the door.

  • See if there are any dependencies set up for the origins of the door already.
    In the parameters pane, turn on show hidden parameters and see if any of the dials show the dependency circle.
    If there are, delete those dependencies and try again.

    If the door is parented, un parent it until after you get it set up as well.

  • @shvrdavid The door's not parented. I made it in Blender and imported it to Poser.

  • I took the door back into 2014 and was able to position the door and fix it so that it opens and closes. Still haven't figure out what went wrong in PP11, although I saved everything and opened it in PP 11 and it still worked fine.
    0_1467617041917_door prop.png

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    Hi Earl, late to the party, I know.
    I suppose from what I read that the door is a separate obj file?
    It would be simpler if the door was in the same obj file, but as a group.