Fit clothes in Poser 11

  • I´m working with Poser 11 since about six month and feel very comfortable with things like character design, posing, animation, lighting, rendering and special effects like bullet physics.

    There´s just one important thing I cant´t figure out: It´s the clothing!

    Especially fitting clothes to morphed characters and fitting them to poses and animations either. I know, in Poser 11 Pro there is a fitting room.

    Has someone a good workflow, how to fit clothes to morphed characters and keep them fit in poses and animations without the fitting room?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @steve_vaii Most conforming clothes should have morphs built in when you buy them for the character they are meant to fit. However, there are ways around that even if they don't.

  • If you can tell us what figure, what clothing, and give us an example, we can explain to you how it works on something that makes sense to you.

    Also please include whether you have Poser 11 or Poser Pro 11.

    As way of explanation, conforming clothing should fit your figure, but if the morph you are using isn't included in the figure there's a way to add it.

    For animations, you should be using dynamic clothing and that's an entirely different process.

  • I use Poser 11, not Pro. The Figure I use most of the time is Victoria 4 and I have especially problems with clothes like stockings, which are tight-fitting. I use the Morphing Clothes by Dimension3D to include morphs, that don´t come with the clothes. That works fine with the zero pose, but there is still much to do with the morphing tool.

    I tried the cloth room as well, but here I have another problem: Dynamic clothing works just with props, not with figures, right? Most of my clothes are figues and I tried to export them as a wavefront obj. When I reimport it, I can use it as a prop in the cloth room, but it has no texture anymore.

    Thanks for your help so far, I hope we can solve this problem together!


  • @steve_vaii
    Another method suitable for stockings and such is to paint the stockings on the figure skin. This method is called 'second skin'. It has become less popular for whatever reason, but with the texture layer options in Superfly there should be better opportunities to use it than ever.
    Alternative is to use a V4 figure with stocking texture as a conformer. You can add some displacement in the shader to bring the stocking on the skin, or, for realism, the skin under the stocking.
    Should you need to do some refitting of your stockings texture to V4 skin uv's you could take a look at the method I use in my Face Texture Converter, available here on Content Paradise and discussed in a thread here in this forum.

  • @steve_vaii Wavefront objects may not import with the textures, but They should still have the material zones intact. If you haven't restarted Poser, you should even still have them loaded, but you will need to go into the Material Room and reassign them to the proper Mat zone.

  • @steve_vaii OK, your example of the stockings show a pretty ill fitting set of stockings to begin with, but if you insist on using conforming stockings, you'll have to do some rigging to make them work. That gap on the right thigh on knee bend is poor rigging. You'll need to alter the bend spherical zones to include that part of the thigh. I would also use the morph tool to tighten up the top of the stockings as well because that looks pretty bad.

    If I can make a suggestion, switch to one of the weight mapped V4s if you're going to use her. Weight map rigging is far superior to the default V4 rigging and you'll experience less of this kind of frustration with a weight mapped figure. Of course, you'll have to convert the clothing to weight mapped, but the original weight mapped V4 includes a script to do that for you.

    Honestly, for stockings, fverbass' recommendation for second skin is the best.

  • @steve_vaii As @Glitterati3D and @fverbaas have pointed out second skin stocking are the way to go. You wont have to worry about pokethrough, morphs, JCM's, rigging or any other problems. You can animate the figure and the stockings will always look like stockings. Here is an example with a stocking layer on top of the usual SSS skin shader. You can see the skin underneath and it works as it should with SSS and the stocking layer on top works as it should. The panties are a regular second skin (no layers) kind of like underwear as a tattoo. I'm using masks to keep the SSS shader on the skin parts and not on the panties. Another note: Second skin underwear can be used with any conforming or dynamic clothing you want to use on top.
    0_1533832332533_Second Skin Stockings.jpg

  • @steve_vaii The shader I'm using here for the stockings is from @bagginsbill and I believe that there is a thread somewhere here on the forum where he links to it.

  • Thank you, Ghostship!

    I think this is the thread you were referring to Nylon Shader

    I want that! I didn't see any new updates to his EZskin 3 shaders plus how would get the embroidery at the top? It makes the difference when she has a Seven Year Itch moment.

  • Upon more research, it looks like there was a shader posted over at sharecg but the link is gone! I will keep looking.

  • Thanks to all for your great support! I´ll figure out all of your suggestions, because they´re very helpfull at all. E.g the cloth room might be not the best place for stockings, but for skirts, dresses and scarfs etc. :-)

  • @maestro I'm using maps from this package to modulate the density of the nylon shader.

  • @ghostship Your stockings look great! That´s exactly what I want :-) And thanks for the link This is a great product for a good price!

  • And the SemiDieu Advanced shaders are available here, in case other than myself didn't already have those ;)

    Still free :)

  • @steve_vaii Lululee sells a ton of second skins for V4.

  • @ghostship
    I went to get the sexy skins and lo and behold, I already owned them. I suppose I picked them when they were on some crazy sale and salted them away for later. I still can not find the nylon shader anywhere! I could use a link if anyone has one.

    Thanks for letting the slowest horse (me) back into the race.

  • @maestro Yeah, I'm not sure how I got the shader either. It's in my file and in my runtime. It's definitely from @bagginsbill so I can't/won't re-upload or post the inside of the compound node.

  • @ghostship If it's the BB SFNylon, then it's on his site at --> Bagginsbill's File Cabinet

  • @ghostship I certainly understand. While if it's a freebie, I might consider a single distribution to a reliable person, I would still check the readme's to see if the creator of a file said it's okay to redistribute as long as you don't sell it or other such caveats. Some say you can, some say you can't. Some might not say at all. Best to be safe and fair. Thanks anyway and thanks for your help again. You totally need an ambassador logo by your name.