An Extra Question for those who have paved the way

  • Re: Genesis 8 in Poser Pro 11 - done
    An Extra Question for those who have paved the way. I was told you had to pose the Genesis Character manually. Do you mean grabbing the forearm or shin or can we use the dials. I'm terrible at grabbing stuff but good enough when dialing in. Thanks!

  • @maestro

    There are many ways, but most of them include clicking on the body part you want to pose.

    You can pose every Body part by clicking on it and using the dials of that Body part. Also, you can use the various viewport Tools for posing, there are a Rotation tool, a Twist tool and the Gizmo for moving the body part in any direction.

    A couple of newer figures (I don't know about Genesis, since I don't use it) have posing dials in the body actor. These dials can affect multiple body parts. But for a realistic pose, I guess that you need to move the body parts seperately, either with their dials or with the gizmo or the rotation /twist Tools.

  • @maestro was your question related to posing the character in DS prior to export, or subsequently being able to re-pose the G8 character in Poser, after import?

    I scanned the referenced thread briefly, and it wasn't unequivocally clear to me whether the imported character posed properly with all weight mappings and morphs in Poser after import. I have not personally gone through with this (I gave up after a disastrous run with V6 and the facial bones not surviving a 90 degree turn of the whole figure - their axes did not rotate at all and remained oriented along +Z).

    That said, I have not tried the FBX import method at all, so that might be worth my reinvestigation.

  • @bantha I was speaking specifically of being able to pose Genesis 8 (Which I believe works the same way as Genesis 3) once it's imported into Poser. I hoped those have done this successfully could give me some info on Genesis 3 or 8 within Poser. I never saw figures with the posing dials in the body actor! Which ones are that? Sounds like a pain but you never know.

  • @anomalaus

    I seen the how to do it and I believe I downloaded the PDF on how to do it. From all of reports, we should be able to bring in Genesis and use the typical dials for expressions. I was just wondering if anyone had any luck with posing the figure within Poser (of course). You've probably forgotten more about weight mapping than I'll ever know. I always found it confusing and it never seemed to consistent or official. I do want the morphs included of course. I've seen so many great looking figures and clothing for Genesis 8, I want them. Using Daz Studio, well, I want to stick to Poser. Well it's time to jump into the deep end of the tutorial. Thank you and @Bantha for responding!

  • @maestro In my experience with using G8 as an FBX file, you have to drag and pull. The rigging for joints is a kluge to get 3-dimensional rotation.

  • @RobZhena Ugh! That is a nightmare way to pose. I almost exclusively use Dials. Have you tried the Willdial/Lululee tutorial?

  • @maestro No. I don’t actually want to use G8 except one alien character.