Why does the keyed parameter show up on screen with the internal name???

  • I made a material with keyed settings for easy tuning the size, aspect ratio and position of the texture as part of the UCTS system.
    The first idea is that the user can easily align the texture on the geometry using some parameter dials, so no need to fight the dragons in the material room for that or analyse the node network. This bit works fine now. Sadly I had to drop rotation so it is scaling and translation only.

    The second idea is to make .mt5 files for the different textures. Poser does give me some difficulties on loading the .mt5 file. The node input values are keyed all right, parameter dials work, The dial names nicely have the name of the material they are loaded to.
    But why on earth doe they show the internal name rather than the name I had given the dial?
    The 'screen' name I gave the dial is nicely listed in the .mt5 file!

    I tried to edit the .mt5 file to change the internal name into something sensible, but this wakes even deeper evil.
    Does anyone have a workaround please?

  • As you found, the names are not easily changed in material dials.

    The easiest way around that is to make a new master dial that drives those , then hide then ones it does not allow to be renamed.
    Doing it this way also has the advantages of allowing one dial to change material settings on more than one zone at a time.

  • @shvrdavid
    Having to key up the dials or adding new master dials would defy the purpose of the setup.
    If the names saved in the mt5 were used the whole thing would work brilliantly.
    The only reason I did fiddle with the internal name was to let it make sense to a user.
    All the mechanisms are there: The prefix name of the material in the .mt5 ('preview') is changed into the name of the material the mt5 is injected into ('MyMaterial'), so the parameter channel is unique within the object.
    If only it were implemeted correctly.

  • I will play around with it and see if there is a way to get it to act the way one might think it should.

  • @shvrdavid
    Thank you.

  • I found what causes this and I have run into it before now that I look at some scenes.

    This works if loaded from a file save, but not as a material.

    A report should be filed on this.

  • @shvrdavid
    I will file a case. John knows me a bit too well by now anyway. LOL!
    Would have been good if it worked but for UCTS it is not a show stopper. Instead we have an 'opportunity for enhancement'. LOL!!

  • I am going to write up a report as well. But before I do that I want to see if there are any other issues with it.

    Part of the reason I was using master dials to do my setups was the number of materials involved.
    That's probably why I did not notice what you did.
    Thankfully I still have scenes and materials saved that demonstrate this, and it is very easy to demonstrate.
    Thanks for bringing this up.