Surface Pro 4 / CSP - screen aspect ratio is wrong

  • The application and drawing window appear to be stretched vertically, making it impossible to draw anything correctly. For example, an ellipse constrained to be a perfect circle appears to be an oval on my screen. Anyone know how to solve this issue?

    Surface Pro 4, Windows 10, CSP Pro (64 bit) v. 1.5.4

  • I have no experience with a Surface Pro but I'd suggest this is an issue with that, rather than CSP. What else do you run on that which draws squares or circles? Are they distorted as well?

  • Yes, you're absolutely correct, it's totally a Surface Pro problem. Even the wallpaper is off. I was just hoping someone here knew about some application setting that could compensate somehow, or knew something about configuring the Surface Pro for use with CSP. I searched "everywhere"... then of course, after posting this question, I found a work-around/partial solution:

    I haven't tried it yet, but I'll update this thread when I've had a chance to thoroughly try it out with CSP and some other programs.

    On a side note, I'm kind of bummed that I didn't hear about this issue until -after- I bought the Surface Pro 4. I guess reviewers don't talk about it, because most of them don't do graphics, so they don't notice how wonky the screen rez / aspect ratio is. However, I specifically looked for reviews by digital artists that use the Surface Pro 4 with Manga Studio 5 or Clipstudio Pro. I can't imagine why none of them mentioned the aspect ratio problem, since it's such an obvious deal-breaker.

  • Well I've never heard of the issue before either. It is odd, considering that a big use for it would be touch screen graphics tablet.

  • I can confirm this problem. It's the same problem with every drawing application, including Photoshop. I hope Microsoft will fix it soon...
    I actually did not notice it until I saw this thread. I think the reason I did not notice before is that it actually looks right if you just draw on the screen. The problem is only apparent if you check the aspect ratio of the canvas, if you use vector tools, (for which you know the actual proportions) or if you look at your image on another system. As I use the Surface Pro for sketching I did not do any of that (yet). I guess for now I'll just rescale my images on a different computer until the aspect ratio corresponds to the one I see on the surface screen. For my sketches it will be good enough, but this is not a solution for serious work

  • Well, this is embarrassing... turns out I had changed the screen resolution and forgot I had done so. I remember now, the stuff on the screen was so small, my 50+ yr old eyes were having trouble seeing them. Once I changed it back to the default 2736 x 1824 pixels, the "problem" magically went away. So, er, uhm... nevermind.

  • haha, me too. embarrassing :| I actually never manually changed the resolution but I guess some app did and the crashed. Sorry for spreading rumors ;)

  • ha ha. But think, someone else might also have tat problem, and then find this thread, so mentioning it, and resolving it, is a good thing. :)