Copying and Pasting frames when animating.

  • When I copy and paste an animation cel in my animation timeline, the copied frame does't show up. I don't know what's going on. Someone please help me out!

  • I'm not familiar with using frames yet, but what you're saying is a bit vague. Perhaps you could go through what you're doing on a step by step basis? If it's anything like copying layers, sometimes you can think you're on one layer when you're not, and it becomes a mystery why it didn't copy.

    So perhaps there's something like that here? Just go through what you're doing.

  • Sorry for the late response! I made a video displaying the issue.

    In the video

    • I duplicated a frame
    • I moved it to the top of my animation folder

  • When you duplicate a cel you need to specify at what frame the new cell will be placed. Move your timeline to that frame (the desired frame of the new duplicated cel). Then click the Specify Cel button. Select the cel that will occupy that frame.

  • 0_1467861720763_cels.jpg

  • @garlam You are a life saver! Thank you soo much!