drawing tool doesnt appear on canvas where it should be it either freezes or is a couple of inches away

  • When my stylus is over the tool menus it is where it is supposed to be but when it is on canvas it isn't.I have calibrated my cintiq and used it in photoshop and it works fine for photoshop but not CSP or MS.I have uninstalled and reinstalled manga studio 5 and still persists.

  • Have you checked the drivers for it? have you looked at FILES > PREFERENCES > TABLET ?

  • It was set on wintab I never changed the setting before I changed it to tablet and it is working fine now. Not sure how it got switched. I have used this program numerous times before and it never happened before. Thanks a bunch I have been trying to figure it out all day lol I got frustrated and started drawing in photoshop but it is not the same.

  • @ascenisonart Yeah. Been there, done that too! :P

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