Firefly Progressive Mode Render Error

  • Firefly progressive render mode error encountered.

    Render dimensions set at 480 x 640. Scene has only IDL. Some materials have reflection or fresnel nodes. Is this a known bug or is there a workaround ?

    0_1467706860176_Progressive Firefly mode.png

  • what are we looking for?

  • I selected Progressive Mode render option in the FireFly render tab. This render is the output. Have no idea why....

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    Not knowing what is in the scene, but the quality of the Progressive FireFly render engine can be improved by increasing Pixel Samples to somewhere around 5 to 6 to start with.

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    I have : In Manual Settings:

    • Cast Shadows ON

    • Raytrace bounces 1

    • Indirect Light ON

    • Pixel samples 5 (go higher for better quality at the cost of speed)

    • Bucket size 32

    • Prograssive mode ON

    • Use Displacement maps ON

    • Tone mapping NONE

    • Gamma correction ON

  • 0_1467735986139_Progressive Firefly mode2.png

    OK, I have closed Poser and re-launched Poser, and re-loaded my scene. I choose Firefly Progressive render mode. now I can get something sensible, not perfect. So I believe my earlier render was a memory problem, which went away after I shut down Poser and re-launched it.

    And here are my render settings for this output:

    I guess I have to increase the pixel samples - most of the other choices are greyed out.

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    The first thing I would check is the materials of the black areas; look for dashed "wires" indicating invalid connections, look for black results in the little node preview windows.
    Also check the message log; look for an icon shaped like a cartoon speech bubble. If it has turned orange, there is a problem.
    alt text

    Not likely to be the cause, but if you enable use displacement maps, then min displacement bound should be >0, or Firefly will miss some of the displaced bits.
    alt text

  • @seachnasaigh Thanks ! helpful info to check against.

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    Yes, now for better results crack Pixel Samples up to 6 or more.

    Pixel Samples controls the quality of the FireFly Progressive render.
    Higher is better (at the cost of render time).
    Best regards, Tony

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