How do I deactivate my Clip Studio Paint EX license from my computer?

  • Hello,

    How do I deactivate my Clipstudio license so I can use it on another machine in the future? My Surface Pro 4 has a defective screen and it needs to be replaced. I want to deactive my license on my broken Surface Pro, so I can later reactivate it when I have a working one.

    I've read this in the Q&A:

    If you need to authenticate with the third computer for inevitable reasons such as breakdown of PC or replacement of PC, you can re-authenticate two computers after clearing the previous authentication.
    *Follow the dialogue that is displayed upon authentication.

    Can someone explain to me how I can clear the authentication from my broken Surface?



  • What happens is when you attempt to install the app on the new PC you will receive a dialogue to authenticate the installation and you will go through a process to deactivate one of your other two installations. However, when I had to move one of my two installations to a new PC, support told me to just uninstall the app from the PC I was replacing. After uninstalling the app, I never went through that dialogue to deactivate one of the installations (I've heard of others who have though) and just proceeded to the normal authentication.

    If you're able, just uninstall the app. If the Surface Pro is too damaged to do that, just install the app on the replacement and go through the deactivation / re-authentication dialogue screen.

  • @garlam Ah I get it, thanks!