FAQ: Can I attach images and other files to posts? How?

  • The easiest way to add an image or other attachment to your posts is to open Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, and then drag and drop it into the message editor. The attachment will be placed at the current cursor location.

    The best place to drop the file is in the area between the message editor and the message preview.

    Alternatively, you can click the Add Attachment icon (the last icon above the message editor) to browse for a file on your computer.


    Supported image extensions are: GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, PSD, SVG, TIF, TIFF
    Supported Poser extensions are currently CR2, MT5 and PY. Others are planned.
    Other supported extensions: TXT

    A few things to note about attachments:

    *There is a 2 MB size limit for any type of attachment. If the attachment exceeds that size you will receive notification that the file is too large, and it will not be attached to your post.

    • The attachment will be added at the current cursor location, so you might want to consider placing your cursor on a new empty line before adding your attachment.
    • Sometimes if you try to add an attachment in the body of the message editor, it will open the file in a new browser window and seem as though you lost the message you were editing. If that is the case, use the Back button in your browser to return to the forum category window, and click the New Topic button to return to the topic editor. The post you had in progress should still appear in the editor.