Multiple versions of Poser

  • Stupid question:

    How do you run multiple versions of Poser on the same computer. I recently purchased Poser 11 Pro, and I am assuming that the Download Manager is just going to overwrite my copy of Poser Pro 2014? Like it has with every other upgrade I've ever done.

  • @mr_phoenyxx
    Download Manager just obtains installers and runs them. The installers themselves allow you to specify installation locations. If you stick with the defaults, Poser Pro 2014 and 11 will peacefully co-exist. You can link your existing runtimes from the new 11 installation, so you don't have to reinstall your content.

  • I have PP2012/PP2014 and PP11 installed on my laptop and can run each version. The only issue I can think of will be you can only use one version of the Queue Manager at a time. The download manager brings the files in with a unique name so should not be overwriting anything. ETA each of my versions is an upgrade.

  • Excellent! Thanks fellas! :)