Can't use certain 3D models?

  • I used to be able to use all of the models(even the backgrounds and such), but now the only ones I can use are 3D drawing doll Male and 3D drawing doll Female+all the default poses. When I try to drag the other ones, it just shows an x as my cursor. Can anyone provide me help please?

  • First, if you haven't done so already, try re-installing that big pack of materials that contains the models and see if that fixes it. If you previously had Manga Studio you need to make sure to install the materials via Clip Studio Paint as well because the two programs live in different folders and point to materials in different locations as well.

    If they still won't work it's possible the materials database is the problem.

    1. Try running "Organize Materials" and see if that fixes it. Also possible it will make those other 3D materials disappear from your Materials palette if, for some reason, CSP can't find them.

    2. If they still aren't working try "Reset Installed Materials" to rebuild the data base contents. Again this could make them disappear from the Materials palette if, for some reason, CSP can't find them.

    3. Failing that, it's possible the database is corrupted so "nuke" the actual database file and run "Reset" again, forcing it rebuild it from scratch. The actual database file is located in:


    Drag it to your desktop (if you want to keep it as a backup) or send it to the trash. CSP will create a new one next time you run it, but it will only have the database tables and otherwise be empty until you run the "Reset" operation.

    Good luck!

  • I'm a bit confused because i don't have anything called Clip Studio Paint. The only program i have is Manga Studio 5.

  • "Manga Studio 5" is the rebranded version of "Clip Studio Paint." Same exact software, and the latter is the new name (it's not called "Manga Studio" anymore). You can upgrade to the latest version (which is called "Clip Studio Paint") for free if you already have Manga Studio 5. It will actually install them alongside each other on your system, because as I said they "live" in different folders and point to different Materials. The main difference is the Manga Studio materials are going to be in a Documents folder named "SmithMicro" instead of "CELSYS_EN" but otherwise they work exactly the same.

  • It seems that downloading CSP made it work, thank you very much for explaining!