Resizing an image

  • I've noticed when I go to resize an image, rotate it, or move it from one spot to another clip studio (pro) Reduces it's sharpness drastically. Is their a way to maintain the sharpness when you resize it?
    (I am using a 1000x1000 px 300 res

  • I'm not sure how moving the image would reduce sharpness but enlarging an image will add pixels. In this first image, the circle was made on a raster layer, duplicated and moved. The two circles look identical. The circle was then duplicated and enlarged and has become fuzzy. The reason for the fuzziness being that the program can only work with the pixels it's given.

    In the second image, the circle was made on a vector layer, duplicated and moved. The two circles still look identical. Then the circle was duplicated and enlarged. The vector circle handles enlarging much better (because it's creating the stroke using the vector path rather than from the pixels on a raster layer).
    0_1467946733161_resize 2.jpg

    Rotating an image causes different problems. In this image, a square was made on a vector layer and another made on a raster layer. Both were duplicated, moved and rotated 45 degrees. There isn't any difference between the rotated vector square and the rotated raster square. Stairstepping in the angled line is the only way to produce the angled line in both a vector and raster layer.

    To deal with issues that arise due to resizing and rotating an image while working is to work at a slightly higher resolution than needed for your final output resolution. Increasing your resolution from 300ppi to 450ppi will give your canvas extra pixels to work with when you resize. Or you can work on vector layers.