Alembic export to Hitfilm Pro?

  • I'm on Poser 2014 Game Dev currently, don't own Hitfilm Pro yet. I am wondering is anyone uses the Poser Hitfilm combo, particularly Alembic support and exporting OBJs to Hitfilm.

  • Basically, I am currently looking at upgrading Poser to 11 and getting Hitfilm Pro when I can, and if this is a worthwhile little pipeline, or if I should consider something else. Does anyone have an opinion on the best, reasonably fast way of working with Poser animation? Right now I am trying to use the Preview renderer as much as possible, and making it shine in Hitfilm, working with 2d planes in 3d layers, but if I upgrade to Pro I'll be able to use 3d objects and import Alembic, so would then need Poser 11 Pro as well.

  • Hi. Here's a thread I started earlier:

    Using OBJ's in HitFilm 4 Pro is easy peasy. Alembic export directly from Poser to HF4P is a bit wonky. I've not yet got a direct export to work. I end up having to dip through Modo on the way to HF4P

  • OK that is helpful, thanks! I guess that means I won't be rushing to upgrade everything right away. One more question about Hitfilm and Poser, I am using the Express version with only the Atmospheric pack, I wish I had 3d object support but besides that it is plenty for what I need, but I was wondering about exporting lights from Poser to Hitfilm, if that is possible. And camera animation I guess too. Any chance? I am thinking the 3d camera solving might be a decent upgrade, but I'm not sure how I would use it in practice. Put some object in the Poser scene that acts as the 3d reference I guess. As long as the camera movements weren't too extreme I think it would work, like a camera pivoting around the face of a flying dragon, and being able to match the movement, and use 2d planes in 3d space to make a quasi 3d stage

  • No on direct camera and lights exporting. Lights and cameras would have to be created in HF4P and parented in HitFilm on a 3D layer using HitFilm's 'points'. There's great tutorial videos over on their site for importing 3D objects and getting up to speed on how tracking works in HitFilm. It's pretty fun stuff! But as you've already guessed, what we end up having to do is composite the rendered output from Poser along with selected elements appropriate for a given project to be integrated via OBJ and Alembic. So if you had a 3D dragon you could export that out as an OBJ and then assign the animation to the dragon with the Alembic data. That becomes an animated 3D layer. Then make another 3D layer which has a point and parent the HitFilm camera to that point. Use the tracking tools to animate the point through HitFilm's 3D space. Rinse and repeat for other elements that need to be synched. It's a bit of work, but the tools are there to make it fairly quick and as painless as possible for what it is. In a perfect world we could synch the 3D space of Poser to HitFilm directly. But that's just not the way it is or will be. That would require a lot of stuff under the HitFilm hood to be added and a direct synergy with particular 3D app development, different from 3D app to 3D app. From what I've gathered from my own inquiries with the good folks at FXHome, that's just not going to be in the cards. Alembic is as good as it's going to be for the foreseeable future.