FAQ: Are post tags really helpful? How do I use them?

  • Tags are actually quite useful. To demonstrate, we've assigned a tag of FAQ for anticipated "Frequently Asked Questions" about the forum. Anyone can go to the Tags page, and click the FAQ tag or perform a search there for FAQ to find any posts that have the FAQ tag assigned.

    Anyone who starts a new topic can attach tags to posts. At the very bottom of the edit window, you'll see an area that says "Enter tags here, between 3 and 15 characters each." As you enter your tag text, existing possibilities will appear and you can select a pre-existing tag to attach.


    We recommend that you use existing tags whenever possible, to make it easier for users to find any posts that are related to each other. If you want to see a complete list of tags that are configured on the forum, you can click the Tag icon in the main forum toolbar at the top of any page:


    Here are some general guidelines for creating tags:

    • The tags can only be assigned to your initial post.
    • There is a limit of five tags per post.
    • Try to reuse existing tags whenever possible. Again, it will help other users find posts that relate to a specific tag or topic. Tag suggestions appear while you are entering your tags in the message editor.


    • If you want to use tags that are more common, you will notice that the tags page linked to above displays the number of times a tag is used.


    • If a space is normally required for your tag, replace spaces with hyphens. For example, if you want to tag a specific version of Poser, use Poser-11; or, instead of "content dev", use content-dev. You'll see examples of this in the tags list.
    • If you enter a completely new tag, you may need to click inside the message editing window for the tag to attach itself to the post; After the tag is attached, you can start entering text to attach another tag.