Issues with EZSKIN3 in PoserPro 11

  • When I attempt to run Snarlygribbly's EZSkin 3 Pyc file, I get the following

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "E:\POSER\EZSkin 3\", line 6672, in <module>
    File "E:\POSER\EZSkin 3\", line 6614, in init
    File "E:\POSER\EZSkin 3\", line 5361, in init
    File "E:\POSER\EZSkin 3\", line 5785, in GetCustomEngines
    File "E:\POSER\EZSkin 3\", line 5827, in ImportPlugin
    File "E:\POSER\EZSkin 3\", line 6476, in ValidatePlugin
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'EZBuilder'

    It is a Pyc file, so I can not modify it.

    Any ides? These days there isn't a Readme with and email address to ask questions. I miss that for sure


  • Hey DR, It's where you have it installed that's the problem. I have it installed under the following path:

    Runtime > Python > poserScripts > ScriptsMenu > SnarlyGribbly

    That way it'll show up in your Scripts menu within Poser 11.

    As far as getting in touch with Snarly, he has EZSkin 3 at, so I would assume that would be the best place to reach him.

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