Victoria 6 shoes refuse to fit feet!

  • I have Victoria 6/Genesis 2 Female using Poser Pro 2014 and no shoes seem to properly fit. They come out deformed. Is there any tutorial anywhere (that actually works) ??... I have tried turning off IK, but it is greyed out and I can't do anything. I've also played with zero figure and nothing.

    I'm a newbie.

  • Without seeing a render of what you are experiencing, I've sometimes had problems with shoes fitting Genesis figures in DAZ Studio. I think it's related to how the shoe is rigged.. If you have dialed in a morph, make sure you run the DSON support>Transfer Active Morphs script. If there is a shoe fit pose for V6, try applying that.

    If the shoe simply isn't aligned with the foot, you could try unchecking Follow Origins in the parameters of the body actor of the shoe and adjusting the rotation of the foot actor or the toe actor of the shoe.

    Finally, if you need IK, you can get it here... :)