Where did Chuck disappear to?

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    Holy crap. Sorry to hear about all that. This is exactly why I won't have my gallbladder removed. Not to mention all the other complications that can arise once it is removed - which doctors will never tell you about, often because they aren't even aware of them to begin with or deny the significance. There is no such thing as a 'simple' surgery. All of them can come with debilitating and dangerous side effects. Some kids die just from having their tonsils removed.
    I had crippling pain from my gallbladder that just got progressively worse over about 3 years' time. I did my research, found out how important the organ actually is and what nasty things can happen without it, and learned how to heal it myself holistically. Went from having daily pain that felt like someone was twisting knives in my ribs and shoulder blades to the point I couldn't walk or even breathe easily, afraid of eating because most anything would trigger an episode, to being completely pain free and normal within about 12 days of taking an herbal formula called Gallbladder Complete. It cleans the gallbladder by softening and dissolving stones (something doctors say isn't possible), and flushing sludge that builds up over time thanks to our crap-tastic modern diet. And I could actually feel the stuff working every time I took it. It's been well over a year and I have not had any issues since. I continue to take the stuff every couple months now just to keep things clean and working. Good for the liver too.
    I don't trust doctors or hospitals. Never have. It's an absolute last resort for me. If it's not broken, falling out or rotting off, then I can heal it myself naturally most of the time. Every organ in the body serves a purpose, no matter how insignificant they might seem. So my philosophy is it's better to try repairing it first with nature's medicine before getting it cut on and poisoned by big pharma. I still have my tonsils and appendix too.
    Anyway, I guess all that is rather moot after-the-fact. I hope you have a full recovery and don't experience any prolonged issues.

  • I wish you a safe and speedy recovery. What an experience. Gragh.

  • So far I've had no complications from the missing gall bladder. None of the gastric problems I was warned of. I guess in that respect I may be lucky. Heck I had a big ole' greasy hamburger last night. You can only eat so much oat meal LOL. I don't miss the constant pain in my back either. All of my problems have stemmed from a reckless surgeon.

    How do you pick a surgeon? This butcher came with 5 star recommendations every place I checked.

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    It sounds like you came close to closing your eyes on the operating table and waking up in an alley with several organs missing!
    ...did anyone do a quick count?

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    Feel better soon!!!

  • Get well soon.

  • So glad you are still with us, and sorry you had to suffer so much unnecessarily. Please take good care. We need you.

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    That's an appalling ordeal, I hope you're feeling better soon!

  • If you are in California I would check out Kaiser Permanente if you can get it. They have saved my life several times (I had tachycardia) and are pretty much the best care you can get in California. My mom had brain surgery and a gallbladder removal just like yours. I don't think they intubate for such a minor surgery...In fact they did not intubate me when I had my pacemaker installed. In my mom's case they kept her overnight to make sure she was ok.

  • Holy crap... what a nightmare! Hope the worst has been and gone and it's clear sailing from here... but what an ordeal you've gone through. Nothing but well wishes, and I hope you continue to get better.

  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • Geeze Chuck, sorry to hear about your ordeal. I had an excruciatingly painful episode during a losing battle with a recalcitrant kidney stone going on 7 years ago, but no debilitating effects after it was gone.

    Except for the 6 hours of pain and vomiting that first evening, I was lucky when my Internist/primary doctor sent me to an excellent Nephrologist, who connected me with the Urologist who, it turns out, performs Lithotripsy on calcium based stones that aren't too large, rather than surgery. It was done at a good hospital, I was out for 50 mins., and no pain, no fuss, no bother afterwards. Best of all, no scar. I went home about an hour and half after the procedure, and haven't had another episode since.

    It's not pleasant when something like this happens Chuck, and I hope you recover quickly and completely, and don't have any recurring issues down the road. Take care of yourself.

  • They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I should get a super power out of this. Maybe it will be to spot reckless surgeons and break their fingers. LMAO.

    I do feel my endurance improving. The first day I couldn't stand up with out getting out of breath. I just did 4 house lengths and was only breathing a little harder. I'm doing leg lifts and stuff to try and keep my muscle tone up. Those don't make me out of breath.

    Right now the worst thing is I'm having frequent panic attacks. I go grab the Pulse/oxy meter and it reads 100% O2 saturation. No, you're not turning blue you just think you are.

  • Get better man!

    When I was in the hospital the last time I was experiencing panic attacks as well. The panic attacks would manifest as the same symptoms I would have before my heart would go into tachycardia. They prescribed me Atavan for the anxiety. After a couple of weeks at home on the Atavan I had become physically dependent on it and the withdrawal symptoms were exactly the same as the symptoms I was taking the med for. I had no Idea I was hooked until I decided to stop taking them. Then I had to keep taking them and taper off slowly till I was ok without them. In the future I will decline any anxiety med and pain meds only if I'm in serious pain.

  • @nerd3d
    OMG you have had a really rough time. Glad you sound like you're on the mend now, and welcome back!!! Hope you are taking things easy.
    Not totally convinced that it is all the surgeon's fault though.
    eg a clot in your leg in the deep veins can happen after an operation. That is well known. Happens after airtravel too and it doesn't stop people catching aeroplanes. And you have a familial tendency to clots from the sound of it too. My sister's husband had a hip operation and the surgeon put him on anticlotting treatment before the op, and then he had a big bleed around his hip that damaged a nerve to his legs. I think the surgeon can't win either way from the sound of things. I think we should all be aware that any operation can result in problems after. We have to weigh up the risks versus the potential benefits. We all want to be the person who it goes smoothly for of course. If 99 out of 100 ops go fine, for the one person who has problems, it is 100% bad.
    Your throat problems was due to an anaesthetic issue as well, not the surgeon. Maybe the airway anatomy was difficult. Perhaps the anaesthetist managed to save you even though it was a tricky procedure to intubate you and keep you ventilated whilst asleep.
    However I am wondering if your shortness of breath wasn't a clot on your lung? Did they test you for that?

    Anyway, I'm very glad you are recovering now and on the mend. At least now that you know you are someone who makes clots you can be prepared for next operations and airtravel etc.

    Love esther

  • Yesh what a terrible situation man, I'm glad you're doing ok though!

    I hope the rest of your recuperation is stress free, nerd. D:

  • Holy smokes, Chuck!

    Sending huge hugs your way. Hang in there!!!!

  • Chuck, I've already emailed you my well wishes for your recovery, but after reading your detailed experience feel it's worth commenting again.

    Pretty hard road you've had to travel as of late, full of pain, anger, disappointment, resentment and mistreatment. So sorry for you and the challenges you've had to endure. Hope that things will indeed look up for you and have continued improvements made.

    One day at a time now right?

  • Oh my! I am wishing you a speedy recovery!

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    Actually I got 2 clots in my lungs. On e for each lung. Oh joy. I just got back a test today. I have "Factor 5" a genetic predisposition to clotting. I didn't know they could even test for that. Knowing they can I have to wonder why the hell they didn't test me BEFORE the surgery. It's just a simple blood test FFS. Knowing ahead of time that I had a predisposition to form clots they could have and should have taken precautions.