Superbly animation?

  • I am still on 2014, but wondering how using Superfly for animation is working for people, and if anyone has examples of their work?

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    It will take longer to render, if you want the greater IDL quality of which Superfly is capable. I highly recommend scavenging extra computers (used servers are great for this) and networking via Queue Manager.

    This is a test render of the self-lit Superfly material setup for Dystopia and John Hoagland's Viper MkII: Superfly test2- 480x320p 254f 05fps Cinepak98.mp4

    If the Photobucket MPEG4 doesn't work, try a ShockWaveFlash from Dropbox:
    Dystopia Superfly self-illumination test

  • And if you're looking for cheap render drones try Ebay. Used enterprise grade hardware id dirt cheap and has the needed horse power. Look for something similar to this:

    Look for something with a Dual Intel Xeon Hex Core X5660, like a Dell Power Edge 710. Remember it's Ebay so watch your back. Be sure it includes the CPUs and the RAM. Most of them will not include hard drives. A windows COA sticker is a bonus.

    Something like this will make a killer render dummy and since they have lots of drive bays you can make yourself a network storage box on the cheap. One of these on ebay cost less than a fancy NAS appliance does new.

    Yes I'm a cheap skate.