Cleanup Needed on Aisle 4

  • It looks we got hit with a huge spam attack! We need some cleanup please.

  • It looks like the North Koreans!

  • It's definitely Korean.

  • @RobZhena I reported it to Scott (shvrdavid), but he can't do anything about it, and the 2 folks who can, are hardly here, so 85 spam posts it is until this "fool" (I'm being polite) starts up again. ~shakes head~

  • @Lotharen I knew it! They are trying to take down Poser. It won't work!

  • @Miss-B That doesn't seem smart. Only two people that can moderate the forums and neither of them are around. Sounds like they need to find a few more tbh.

  • @Lotharen I agree, but I see where now down to 82 spam posts, so someone might be here taking care of business. At least I hope so.

    Oh, and I agree that we need more than 2 moderators with these privileges.

  • @maestro Lol, could be south Korea too - I don't know enough about the language to tell. I thought it might have been about a knock-off idol group like AKB 48 in Japan. But a rough translation seems to point to it being about a message parlor.....

  • Uh oh, now it looks like we may have another spammer, though I'm not sure if it's spam or legit, except it's in Korean as well, though I refuse to check out the contents of the post.

  • @Miss-B I checked it out. More of the same, this one touting calligraphy.

    I have a great virus program and I never follow links....I'm just cutting and pasting the words in google translate to get the basic meaning.

  • I think they are just testing out their hacking skills. A dedicated attack designed to overwhelm the forum with too much data until it crashes. They can't hope to sell something to someone who doesn't read Hangul. I also agree. Modding the forums without the power to ban this user as well as take down his posts might not be the best strategy.

  • @maestro I agree Rob. I'm almost pissed off enough to get in touch with SM, and have them send someone over here. This is ridiculous!

    I guess it's my moderating power over at HiveWire rearing it's ugly head. ~wink~

  • My global moderator status has been removed and I am just a regular moderator.
    Without being a global, I can not ban the spam accounts.

    After years of being a global mod at the SM forums, someone removed my privileges.
    No explanation, just removed them.

    If and when I get them back, I will clean this mess up.

  • @shvrdavid Certainly no one should be blaming you, David. If you haven't got the rights, there is nothing you can do. What is more distressing is that nothing seems to have been done at all. It's been several hours and it looks like a mess. Right above you is an experienced, timely Poser user who is respected in what should be called a sister forum at the Hive. I wish Earl were here. He wouldn't hold back. I am.

  • @maestro Better he isn't here Rob, because "he wouldn't hold back" isn't telling half the story.

    Then again, folks here know Earl well enough to know what to expect.

    BTW, thanks for the compliment. ~wink~

  • Well, I did it. I went to SM's site and sent an email to Support asking if someone familiar with the forum could please come and clean it up, as it's getting very frustrating.

    We'll see how long, if at all, it takes someone there to get their butt in gear. I'll keep you folks posted if I hear back from them.

  • @Miss-B Sadly, it's the weekend, and SM most likely won't do anything until Monday, And judging from the frequency and amount of posts being made, these are spam bots just doing their spambot thing. Someone's going to have to delete their accounts to shut them down. Yeah, I wish I could. :)

  • @eclark1849 Oh I know it's not going to be push one button and they're gone, but someone should at least "try" to get them deleted and banned.

    It'll surprise me if nothing gets done, because it's SM's server that's getting spammed, though these posts probably aren't really doing any damage to their server . . . still.

  • NodeBB isn't the easiest forum software to clean up.

    Runtime had a one button solution that was a God send for spammers.
    I miss that option, lol.

  • The real problem at the moment, is that once the unread spam posts get beyond 99, you can't scroll any further to look for non-spam posts without opening the spam threads, which I staunchly refuse to waste my time on.

    Is there a way to mark all unread posts as read, without actually opening them?