Rigging hands with donar mesh - an issue

  • Hope someone can provide a pointer on how I should proceed. I generated a mesh using MakeHuman, and processed it in 3rd-party modelling software to the point where it was finally in a T-pose. I imported the OBJ into Poser Pro 11 and used the MedResMale rig as donor. I get reasonably good results, requiring less tweaking than expected, except for the hands. The Joint Parameter utility appears to show no effect when I try to adjust the individual finger parts. When I point to the Hand part and use Grasp to pose the hand and fingers, there is distortion which I must fix, but cannot, because of the problem described. 0_1468301922424_fingerrigging.jpg

  • OK, am able to check individual finger bones after re-loading my working scene. Now fixing Joint Parameter.

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    From the pic you posted?
    I also see weld cracks between the groups.
    You do not have a figure, but a collection of unwelded groups.
    This can only be fixed in your 3D app.
    Yes, regrouping and rewelding "can" be done in Poser, but that would be extremely time consuming.

  • Oh, yes, I did use Auto-Group in the setup room. So maybe that's why the mesh became like that. I will try setting up groups inside my modelling software (Shade3D).

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    Autogroup works only inside Poser.
    When you save or export the obj file from Poser, it will loose its vertex order.

    To create groups, you can follow this tutorial (that is for Blender) that I put on YouTube.

    The same procedure can be used to create vertex groups for figures.
    Best regards, Tony

  • @vilters Thank you for the video !