New Computer, quickest way to import old brushes

  • Hi, just got my new computer and suddenly realised I don't want to loose all the brushes I created. Is there an easy way to transfer them to my new computer?

  • @Janusmoon You can replace your smith Micro folder in documents folder on your new computer with the one from your old computer. That will move all your settings and brushes.

  • Thank you enormously! I should mention I'm Clip Studio. I tried this but couldn't reach my old brushes. Do you mean the Program or the Roaming App folders?

  • I'm not sure how the Mac folders are sorted but the brushes should be in a folder called Celsys_EN. On a PC this is in the Documents folder. The brushes are specifically in a folder called ClipStudioPaintVer150 but if you have brushes with tips found in the Materials palette you may need to replace the Materials folder as well - found in CLIPStudioCommon.