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    Hello and welcome.

    First; I tried to look at the video, but no sound.

    What are we trying to learn if all we see are vertex explosions and for the rest guesswork about what is supposed to be or not to be happening?
    57 minutes of an accelerated moving doll with NO clue what is going on?
    Sorry, I gave up.
    When you get something to work "more or less" the figure is jumping up - down.

    I build "tons" of Partial and FBM in Blender and NEVER had a vertex explosion.
    Even building kids, and using the Match Centers to Morphs, all works, even with figures morphed to half size.

    In de video we see vertex explosions, rigging going completely out of whack, we see repainting with no results.

    I see vertex order being lost => I never have that from Blender.
    I see rigging go out of whack => I never have that from Blender.
    I see repainting with no results => I never have that from Blender.

    I never have all what you are showing?

    You export something out of Zbrush at around the 47 minute.
    That thing can never work.
    Where in Zbrush is your figure?? About 30 cm above the ground?
    Where did the origin of the figure go?
    Just an example.

    Sorry : :All I see in THIS video are finger troubles.

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    Something is going on in GoZ, but I do not have Zbrush to check.

    I wanted to buy Zbrush, but after this video? I am staying with Blender. Oh yeah!

    Very easy to morph a figure and create a FBM.
    Very easy to sculpt a SubD figure and get all the SubD detail in Poser.
    Very easy to create a "Match Centers to Morph" figure too.

    I spend all afternoon creating "kids" for native Poser figures, and it simply works.

    Well, I might also make a "how to" video for Blender.
    That "Match Centers to Morph" function works great.

  • @eclark1849 said in ( PROJECT EDEN ) IS STARTING !:

    @Glitterati3D Really? Wanna see mine? :D

    ROFL, no thanks, Earl. Besides, I don't have to try to model shoes to fit your feet. By the time I get all the pokethrough on Pauline's feet covered, I've modeled boats, not shoes.


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    Here a quick demo.

    A FBM for a native Poser figure.
    She has a FULL clothing outfit including the boots.
    She has dynamic hair on a scullcap.

    Then I created a Kid, and loaded that with "Match Centers to Morph" enabled.
    Then copied that "Kid" over to the full clothing set.
    Then edited the dependency to get the same "Kid" morph to lower the hair.

    Now I have ONE dial to go from a FULL SIZE dressed figure to Kid size figure, clothing and hair, and all possible in betweens

    Left original with FBM.
    Middle the "Kid" with Match Centers to Morph
    Right, the Kid at 0.5

    0_1468362642327_FBM + Match centers to morph-demo.jpg

    It is bed time, I did not bother to finetune the clothing on the chest, or render it.
    Yes, you can even finetune the clothing "Kid" morph because from "FULL breasts" to NO breasts was a bit "hard" on the clothing mesh.

  • I'm quite interested to see an example of your more realistic sculpts for pauline. It would be fantastic to have HD morphs along the lines of BH GND series for v4 and Alyson2.

    I'm also curious if you are planning to re-rig her to suit each sculpt, maintain her stock rigging or create your own rigging that can adapt between your various characters.

    Shrdavid's pauline advanced is a great example of how much potential there is in a re-rigged pauline.

    Looking forward to what you come up with

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    @vilters This "explosion" that is happening here is not the fault of zbrush. I've done HD morphs in zbrush using GoZ on my own figures and on the stock Poser figures and that explosion doesn't happen for me. Without audio I can't determine what's going on, if the OP is even narrating anything he's doing to begin with.

    Also, GoZ allows the ability to accomplish your HD morphs from those previous videos you posted without ever having to touch the morph brush or import a duplicate mesh. And match centers to morph works fine with it as well, at least as far as I can recall.

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    You are correct. I have seen great work coming out of Zbrush.

    Agreed, the video shows a chef, throwing food around in the kitchen, not knowing how to light the fire, and expecting to end up with a meal.
    Then wondring why potato's are yellow and carrots are red.
    Mother nature should fix that. All vegetables should be green. :-)

    Among other things, I see SubD being used and abused, a total lack of respect for the figures origin.

    Sculpting is the easy part. A 3 year old can sculpt.
    Getting your act together, and getting a working workflow is the hard part.

    Even without sound, everything shown can be classified as "operator error".

    I have 2 treads here , and video's on YouTube on how to create HD morphs for all Poser compatible figures. Sculpting is the easy part.

  • @vilters sculpting may be the easy part... if you have the time, skill or talent to excel at it. I do not. Just like I dont have the time to create all the content I may wish to use for pauline. Therefore I will be supportive and interested in projects that will aid in building up the content economy around the figure. If I had the time, skill and talent to build everything I may wish to use in poser I probably wouldn't be using poser

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    Oeps , so sorry, I forgot to answer your question.

    When you are building a FBM "or sculpting" a very detailed figure for Pauline, and her size and shape changes drastically, you do not have to re-rig to suit your newly created figure.

    Load your new creation with "Match centers to Morph" enabled, and Poser automatically adapts the rigging to your new shape.

    I build the "small kid", loaded as a FBM to the tall figure, then set "Match Centers to Morph", and the rigging adapted automatically. As shown above, you get one dial to "age" your figure.
    The animated joints are created automatically, follow the change in size of the obj file.

    The clothing is as simple as "Copy Morphs From" with all checkboxes checked in its properties palette.

    The only dependency I had to set up manually was for the smart propped scullcap with the hair.

  • I'm excited to see some new figures in development. Can't wait to see what you come up with. I hope you can get it working in poser.

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    Well, well, well..

    I demo that Poser offers the possibility to build kids.

    I demo that POSER IS NOT AT FAULT.

    And my post gets DOWNGRADED.

    I fear you guys are on your own from now on.

  • I didn't downgrade you and am interested to see what you have thought about.
    However I have to say, that family didn't look very appealing to my artistic eye.
    Love esther

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    It is not even a render, just a tech demo in preview.

    You do not need scripts or 3rd party add-ons, it can all be done in Blender and Poser.

  • @vilters
    not by ordinary people. I couldn't do it.
    I would like to see some renders with nice pouty lips and perky breasts and mouths that don't look so CG.

  • @vilters
    Also I am interested in the eden topic to see what they are planning to do. it looks interesting. I like the look of the sculpted mesh.
    and the face of the figure.

  • I, too, am excited to see figure development for Poser. Good stuff, 3DD! Keep going.

    You're just going to have to ignore the negative nellies around here.

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    Sorry to say, but 57 minutes of accelerated and silent vertex explosions , and running around like a chicken without a head are not so cool in my book.

    And then blaiming Poser while all I see are fingertroubles?

    Nah, now you have a reason to downgrade.

  • @vilters You know, Tony, folks aren't brutally honest about the figures you display, to avoid being negative.

    Frankly, it would behoove you to display the same deference to other artists and kill the negativity.

  • @all
    Lets all try to stay positive!! We've all got some fair points to be made but we dont need to snipe at each other.
    I think vilters could have raised his concerns more diplomatically but its fair to call them out. I'm really not sure why the video was added to the post at all. As indicated it doesn't demonstrate anything useful about whats going on. Its also fair to question whether the 'Bugs' are actually 'bugs' or just user error as we don't know this poster or anything about their experience with poser. So when we look at a vague video and see things occurring that can occur when things are not done correctly its fair to call out that maybe you just aren't doing it right.
    I've had vertex explosions and I've had rigging issues but when I'd done the process correctly they are able to be resolved. So who knows. Honestly it was an odd choice to announce the project and simultaneously put it on hold citing show stopping bugs. A specific post about the bugs should have been its own thread along with participating in a discussion on solutions and workarounds in the forum. The way it was layed out seems to me to a bit of bad form and I hesitate to jump down tonys throat for calling it out.
    That being said its fair to say there is maybe too much negativity in the way that was done.


  • @KittyBrown My take in the whole post was to show support for Erogenesis and the issues he is having with Project E. Confirming the bugs Ero found.

    Ero has not been very informative about what the bugs ARE, and this whole thread gave me a better understanding of what has been encountered.

    Reporting bugs and informing the wider community about them are good things. They may confirm a problem you were having but thought it was you and not the program.

    Poser 11 is the best Poser so far. It's not perfect and those who push it to its limits (and past sometimes) help make it even better for all of us.