Any way to make the Library think I'm off-line?

  • ok, if i am off-line everything works perfect, if i an online (with good bandwidth) everything works perfect but;

    If i am on-line and someone else in the house is using up all the internet bandwidth, the library takes ages to load. Sometimes i end up with just question marks next to every folder and nothing in there.. The only solution is to go round the back of my PC and pull out the Ethernet cable.. Then the library will load fine.. I've tried firewalls, went through all the setting and the manual, can't find any way to fix this. So hoping for some suggestions..

    I'm on XP pro 64 and using Poser Pro 2014.


  • That is odd. The time that I see my library taking long to load is when I have haven't accessed the hard drive for a while and it needs to spin up. My Runtime is on a second HD.

  • My library(runtime) is on an Solid State Drive so its quick.. as long as I'm offline, or online with a fast connection..

  • May I suggest that you scan your XP for either malicious or unwanted programs?
    Other questions:

    • are you sharing your connection (I mean: from your PC)?
    • is your PC running at full speed when firing up your Poser?

  • Y-Phil ,

    No malware, one of the first things i thought of. My PC connects by Ethernet >> switch >> router >> fiber. There are other machines on the switch and wireless devices connecting directly to the router.

    When firing up poser it takes about 3-4 seconds and my cores barely get up to 50% use.. The library takes another few seconds if I'm off line, a maybe another 5 seconds if i have unilateral access to the internet, and forever if i don't (with very little processor %).

  • @cor109

    From what I remember of, Poser 2014 is still using Adobe stuff, are they up-to-date?
    Is there any proxy settings in your network configuration (on your PC)?

  • Y-Phil,

    Yes, i think its Adobe AIR, really like to avoid updating as Adobe comes with a lot of baggage and this is the version the Poser installation came with so it should work. So i guess the question is how does AIR know I'm online when i disable access with the firewall... ? I mean it must recognize I'm not online when i pull the plug out or (and i just learned this) disable my connection in network connections.. But when i disable ALL in my firewall, the library won't load at all..

    OK, discovered with a new firewall, i get an error - it seems Adobe is trying to load '/apps/lms/' from localhost .. so its accessing the router to get an api from my machine, not sure if there is any way to fix this.. but at least i have a lead..

  • @cor109

    Poser is installed with a thingie that runs in the background, I wonder if it's not related to that name: lms
    The program in question is the one that checks for a valid license.
    So I wonder if your firewall is not a little too much restrictive, and should let access to localhost, or at least to the IP address

  • Y-Phil,

    Sure, your right, but if i add an exception to the firewall i am in the same situation as before; If the router is busy Adobe just sits and waits to get access to an api that's already on my system lol..

  • @cor109

    I think that when one program tries to access something like localhost:..., it jumps out of the network card and returns back
    If your network card is connected, the firewall may interact.
    But I'm not sure that your router is in "the middle of the road" at this moment.
    On the contrary, if your card is disconnected, maybe a kind of shortcut is created and the program accesses immediately to localhost.
    For all these networking problems, there is a route manager. If one path doesn't work, it may jump to the next immediately.
    In that case, that would mean that with the network card disconnected, the first path may be disabled, thus letting the system use the next path.
    Of course, I may be wrong.

  • Poser Ambassadors

    The library messages pass through the firewall, but when addressed to localhost, they do NOT go into your network card, and they do NOT go onto your wire.

    Note: It is physically impossible for an Ethernet to talk to itself. The wires don't work that way. So the localhost loopback connection has to run above that layer.

    Meanwhile, although the library TCP traffic isn't leaving your system, the incoming traffic does consume your system resources available to the TCP handler. This means, for example, that if some idiot program is SPEWING nonsense to your computer (or worse, broadcasting nonsense) then your network layer will be very busy handling those packets and this will prevent it from handling the Poser packets.

    I'd seriously fire up a sniffer (such as Wireshark) and check what the heck is bombarding your computer.