Poser to iClone?

  • I have a copy of iClone 5.5 that I got as a freebie but didn't use because I couldn't get content into it without paying more, and was already invested in Poser. I tried it again today and in so many ways creating a scene it is so much nicer than Poser, and of course much faster rendering. My question is how hard is it to get Poser characters and animation into iClone, if the morphs will work etc. I'm considering just getting the 3d exchange for using with 5.5 since I understand it doesn't have as much hardware requirements and I could upgrade to 6 when I get a faster machine, the quality seems good enough for me. I am just doing this all for fun without any staff to help, so things like the animated plants and water effects are really what is drawing me to iClone, but I have a bunch of Nursoda characters from Poser that are my cast, so they have to be usable.

  • OK, I just made really cool progress with iClone5, I didn't think it was possible to export alpha channels, so no using it piecemeal and compositing as easily in Hitfilm, but lo and behold, if you output as 32 bit PNGs it works lovely. Now I have all of Poser and iClone5 content for creating my worlds, I will be working basically the same as I had before, just now I can get much better water effects, animated trees, make waterfalls etc and whatnot without having to really learn anything complex in Blender. I'm doing a happy dance. I'll still like to know how people feel about using Poser with iClone6 and if it is a reasonable combination, but this is HUGE. I got iClone 5.5 free in a giveawayoftheday thing, but thought it wasn't going to be useful, so this is way cool.

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    Please provide some evidence how you came to think the Morph Brush works on Polygon level.
    Because it does NOT.
    Have you seen my video's on YouTube?
    Look closely, second video , second part.

    This will come back in at least 3 to 4 more video's to continue and finetune the workflow.

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    Oeps, sorry. Your post made us think you were writing about the Poser Morph brush.
    And Poser's morph brush works on vertex level.
    Nothing personal, I read all posts.

  • Yes. Poser far more better than iclone.. But kinect capture in iclone, maybe more better than poser.. (Base what I saw in u tube.) Is that true?

  • Here is an interesting article on motion capture.

    Link to Article

    As far as procedural animation, it has its place but I doubt it will replace motion capture anytime soon.
    Walt Disney used a form of procedural animation, it is nothing new.
    The huge difference now, is the amount of math a computer can do to use procedural animation effectively.
    Sure games use it, cartoons use it, etc. But all of the above use full body motion capture as well.

  • Well, an update: I upgraded to iclone 6.5 and 3dexchange and couldn't be happier. I have definitely seen the limitations, but they are far outweighed by the advantages, and I do have Poser still if I need it. Getting to nursoda characters over has been a little challenging, but for the most part it is done and most characters will be usable. I'm totally happy I added iclone, Poser is still there, but man, they need to upgrade the real time renderer and much more before I will feel compelled to upgrade. What I will do is investigate animating some stuff in Poser and importing the animation to iclone, if anyone has tips for that it would be appreciated.

  • @shvrdavid that good news.. But how soon? My eyes can't stand any longer in front of monitor doing animating. Hopefully release in 2018.

  • @pumeco lol, yeah, well, some morphs aren't easily accessible in iClone so I was thinking for some stuff maybe it would be useful, I dunno, I would at least like to know the procedure so I can have it as an option when appropriate. But I am getting a handle on it, I think all I need to do is export the FBX with the animation in the timeline and chop it up into performances in 3DExchange.

  • @eternityblue just want to ask, animating in iclone can transfer to poser or not?

  • @pumeco thanks for the info.