kinect capture in poser 11

  • How to make the add on kinect capture in poser 11 working more better ? Any tips PLEASE.

  • I am posting not because I have you answer but I want to hear what is not working. I may want to try mo cap with Kinect as well. Are you using the second gen Kinect ? I hear that is better.

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    I tested both the Windows and Xbox Kinect devices with Poser 11, both of them Kinect V1. The Windows device returned fairly promising results, but broke down on me after only a few hours of use. The Xbox device never gave me particularly promising results with Poser's Kinect features, but I did manage to get halfway usable results with a couple of separate, freeware programs.

    The following is copied from a post I made at another forum.


    Okay. My Kinect for Windows is really and truly kaput, but I've finally replaced it with an XBox 360 model and the zoom attachment. I simply cannot get the same decent results in P11 using the XBox Kinect, sadly. I have found an alternative path for Kinect motion capture into Poser. A free Kinect mocap program is available at It's a bit tricky to set up. It uses a different set of (freeware) drivers, and Windows 7 fights me about using them. I had to manually set the new drivers before the process would work. That made the Microsoft drivers stop working and broke Poser Kinect support, so apparently both of these can't be run side-by-side.

    The program has some bugs. It saves every BVH as 10000 frames, regardless of the true length. To fix this, I'm using BVH Hacker ( and NotePad. Play the BVH in BVH Hacker until the program reaches the end of the actual frame count. At that point BVH Hacker will freeze, so check the current frame number before allowing the program to crash fully. Open the BVH in NotePad and revise the frame count listing, then save. Open the BVH again in BVH Hacker, now to rename RightUpperArm and LeftUpperArm as RightShoulder and LeftShoulder and UpperBack as Chest. Save the file. This should now import into Poser tolerably well.

    The resulting motion is generally better than I can get in Poser with the XBox Kinect, but perhaps not as good as the results I saw from the Kinect for Windows. A lot of the trouble in general seems to be with how Poser interprets the data, both from Kinect directly and when applying the BVH. I see better motion in BVH Hacker than in Poser, so something isn't translating as well as it could.

    The program is a bit of a PITA to set up. The following are all the links I found helpful while getting it to work.

  • @artnyoga i use xbox 360. The 1st gen. I also heard gen 2 more better. But, how better is it compare with gen 1, i also don't know.

  • Mr AMBASSADORS. Thanks a lot for the information. That made my work easy. I want to ask u something else. Is that any other motion capture device work perfectly with poser 11? (cost range USD500 Below). Or maybe Smith Micro have their own motion capture device designed especially for poser? Do u have the list.

  • @artnyoga kinect capture in poser 11 pro not working as nice as seen in utube.. Very hard to make the motion run smooth.. But that's maybe because I not good with it.

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    I have only tried the Kinect mocap devices, so I can't offer any input on other options. IIRC, I've read posts at Renderosity or RDNA in which users mentioned having successfully used more expensive/elaborate/professional motion capture setups to import motion into Poser. Hypothetically any motion capture device or software which can export to BVH can produce at least semi-useful results in Poser. As I noted above, however, Poser's BVH handling seems to be somewhat less than perfect, in itself.

  • Not Working at all.. I try install/uninstall many times follow the instruction but useless. Still not working.

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  • A few things

    The XBox 360 and Kinect for Windows v1 are not the same. You will get better performance with the Kinect for Windows v1

    If you have Windows 7 or later you can use the Kinect for Windows v1. You will want the older SDK 1.8

    The XBox One and Kinect for Windows v2 are also not the same. You need Windows 8 or later to use the later version of the Camera and the later SDK.

    For Motion Capture your view is important. You need the contrast of background to the subject. I dress in dark clothing and shoot in my studio with a Light Color Backdrop. I also shot in my Dining room against a white wall. Lighting is also important. If I am backlit, I seem to have some troubles with the Camera keeping track at times. Overhead slightly forward lighting is the best. In a room, the overhead light in front of you (between you and the Camera) works better than when the light is behind you (you between the light and the Camera)

    Lastly System Resources are a factor, especially if you are trying to use Live Draw. I can use the Kinect with my early model Surface Pro with Windows 10 without issue, but I can not use Live Draw.

    My i7 Tower with Quadro Card and 16GB of RAM has no issues.

    Users having crashes or performance issues should report these to Support so the Project Team can be informed.

    A few function notes... No support for Facial or finger/toe motion. Spins and Twist can work, but can fail as the Camera gets confused about if you are facing or not facing the Camera. The Motion Capture is designed for facing the Camera. For arm and Leg Motions try capturing so they are perpendicular to the Camera. An arm going in front of the body from the body facing head on may not be as accurate as if you are facing slightly to the right or left. The same with leg movements. Remember, you can move the camera once in Poser to get the desired viewpoint in the final product.

    Lastly, save your animations as Universal Poses and apply to the desired figure for tweaking. I always use Andy figure for initial applying the motion capture.

  • Thanks Cdrei And Ratscloset. Actually I really confused with the name.... I try to follow the instruction from the link given above.

    Step 2
    Download and install the latest stable or unstable OpenNI Binaries from OpenNI website.

    Step 3
    Download and install the latest stable or unstable OpenNI Compliant Middleware Binaries (NITE) from OpenNI website.
    During installation, provide the following (free) PrimeSense key: 0KOIk2JeIBYClPWVnMoRKn5cdY4=

    Step 4
    Download and install the latest stable or unstable OpenNI Compliant Hardware Binaries from OpenNI website.

    OpenNI Binaries, OpenNI Compliant Middleware Binaries (NITE), OpenNI Compliant Hardware Binaries. Where to find this?. The Link no longer available.. Is this the same Software with this one ===> OpenNI-Win32-

  • I use the XBox 360.. No wonder the capturing not run very well. Ratcloset Thanks for the tips. I will buy the kinect for window v1. Hopefully this time the capturing work nicely.

  • Before investing in a new camera, try the tips I referenced. I have both and 360 will work, but has limits, mostly on distance from the Camera and it requires better lighting and contrast.

    I believe the main difference is the lens. The Kinect for Windows is a better lens and has a different focus length. I can not recall if it is closer or farther than the 360.

    I would save for the Kinect for Windows v2 that is USB 3 and requires Windows 10.

  • Ok I will buy the version 2. But I don't like windows 10. Version 2 can work in windows 8 or not?

  • Anybody in grafik team can help me with this things? I just seeking knowledge about this product. This camera can be use in poser pro 11 or not? 0_1470034081953_Screenshot_2016-08-01-14-36-58.png