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  • I am making a custom brush from one of my favourite PS brushes. I've got it almost working perfect however it is not continuous (it appears more like a spine than continuous hair - there is a space between the dots) - I have looked through all the subtool brush settings I can't find the setting to make the dots continuous in the direction of the pen? thanks

  • In the Subtool Detail Palette go to Stroke and adjust the Gap

  • when i set it to 'narrow' you can still see the individual blobs instead of it being a long continuous line - is this the only setting for it?

  • There's Fixed (where you can define the space), Wide, Normal, and Narrow.

  • heres a pic - must be a way to get it continuos? ![alt text](0_1468664816806_hair.png image url)

  • oh okay go it - fixed. thanks

  • Did you go with Fixed?

  • yea it works great

  • well you can still see it if you look really hard but works well enough - would be good to be able to set Fixed up to -1 so that it overlaps 0_1468665663544_fixed.png

  • Yeah - you can see the edges in some of the strokes. How are your anti-aliasing settings? Is this meant for a monochrome image? You might be able to smooth it out a bit with a little more anti-aliasing.

  • That was at the best aliasing setting.

    One other question - I have made a few custom brushes - how do i export or save them as a group file for safekeeping - the export subtool only allows me to save one brush at a time?

  • If you want to store the brushes as .SUT files, you have no other way of doing it than to export one at a time. If you want to ensure that you can restore your tools if anything bad ever happens to your setup, then go to the Celsys_EN folder located in Documents and back it up. That folder contains your workspaces, tools, materials, and whatever else you did. If needed, replace the folders within with your backup.

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