help a newbie out?

  • I'm very new to poser and while I have used the tutorial it hasn't given me the knowledge to do what I really want too. I'm trying to make a 5 minute animation for my college portfolio and the knowledge I need to make that animation is not in the tutorial. its explanations of modeling involve using pre made assets as well as giving an animation tutorial that's bare bones at best, this doesn't help me at all. what I want to do is make a entirely new characters in a more cartoonish/anime style similar to RWBY (a web series that is made with this software) so I need some help learning how to rig new models, create new props, and all in a style that is not currently within the poser library my goal is to create two human models and two robot models as well as 5 props. Id like to know how to do this and if anyone could direct me to a tutorial or at least reply with some helpful comments that would be great

  • wow there is a lot to that question!
    I'm assuming you realize you will have to model your figures independently of poser. Renderosity has a good cache of tutorials. The rigging process is not entirely simple but the difficulty encountered would depend on how realistically you want your characters to bend. Poser rigging involves grouping your model, drawing bones, and painting weights on at least the three axis plus bumps and scaling if desired. Its something I have done but I'm not quite comfortable enough to instruct very well. As I stated it can become quite a complex operation including the creation of joint controlled morphs and such.
    Props can be as simple as any static model you want to import into poser, but again you do need to provide the model yourself if its not already in the library as poser does not have a modelling component.

  • @bengel I totally agree with KittyBrown. What you have to realize is that what you want to do takes time and an acquired skillset that, as a self-proclaimed "newbie", I'm guessing you don't have yet. To be honest, what you want to do sounds more like a job for Blender, rather than Poser, or Daz Studio, for that matter. Either way, it's gonna take a while to learn everything you want to do, and I don't mean by pulling an "all-nighter".

  • Phil did some rigging tutorials that will guide you thru the process of doing legacy rigging in Poser.
    I recommend that you watch all of his tutorials. They are for older versions of Poser, but much of it still applies to the newest version.

    You can find his stuff here.

    As far as creating the models to use.
    Programs like Blender, Wings, or any other modelling software are more than capable of creating those wire frames.
    There are tons of tutorials out there for just about any modeler you chose to use.

    Doing the animations is a bit different. There are very few tutorials for Poser on that, or any other software for that matter.
    It is basically no different than doing them in an other software so just about any animation tutorial will help with that.
    You just set the base scene up and then start adding key frames from there.

    You have not said what type of characters you would be using.
    There may already be ones out there that you could make morphs for and just use those as well.
    There are literally hundreds if not thousands of Poser figures out there.
    Same goes for props, any prop you find that can be imported into Poser could be used if it fits what your after.

    There are some simple but basically required programs that massively help with content creation, one of them is a Poser file editor.
    Phil has a free lite version called PZ3editor Lite available at
    I use Poser File Editor by Dimension3D available in his Renderosity store.
    You can a text editor as well, but it is far easier in an editor designed to do Poser files.

    If you have any specific questions along the way, start a thread about it an ask away.
    Many of the members here are well versed in various areas of many 3D applications.

  • Attached are links to information I have given on animation with in Poser.

    Biggest piece of advice is play with the graph charts and watch what happens when you make a change. The last one Pin foot in place has a lot of graphs that show what the spline curve does and how to control it. Also you really should make your movie in small segments to prevent action in one location from effecting what happens in another location.