Pre-PP11 hack for smooth translation/morph dependent joint centers

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    I know there was a thread somewhere in the Poser 'Verse about a cr2 hack to do this prior to PP11. I cannot find it at the moment. Still looking from a request by a member over at Rendo (SamTherapy) but it is hidden in a thread somewhere out there. If you know off hand where this is ... could you please share that information with me? In the meantime I'm still searching.

  • Well this can partly happen Dependent Centers has actually been in Poser for quite a while. It was called "Animated Origins". But prior to Poser 11 it's setup was totally manual. The basic work flow is to dial the morph you wish to match. Open the dependency for that morph and start teaching. Now manually select each center, turn on animated centers for that center and then dial it to the new position. One by one every center. It's very little fun.

    In P11 you just dial the morph and select the "Match Centers to Morph" command and it's all done auto-magically. The dependencies setup with the new method, "Adaptive Rigging" is backwards compatible with Animated Origins in Poser 9 and 10.

    Smooth translation simply didn't exist in Poser prior to P11. You might fake it with morphs and animated centers but it's not the same.

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    Thank you Chuck, I will relay this to SamTherapy! This helps a lot. :)