Genesis 3 To Poser 11 Without Going Into Daz Studio

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    Hi Snarlygribbly,
    I truly apologize for the wrong spelling of your name. I have such respect for your work and the amazing gift you have given us with EZSkin. I hope you will accept my apology.

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    Hi Snarlygribbly,
    I truly apologize for the wrong spelling of your name. I have such respect for your work and the amazing gift you have given us with EZSkin. I hope you will accept my apology. I tried to fix it but it did not update properly.
    I am going to ask shurdavid if he can fix it for me.

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    yes this will work on any version of Genesis .

  • @lululee I just realized that you didn't specify Windows or Mac, so I'm guessing you used Windows. Would the process be similar enough on a Mac that your tutorial would be helpful?

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    @lululee Ha ha! No worries - I have been called much worse :-D
    It's great to see you making such cool things and it makes me happy that one of my scripts can play a small part in your project.

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    If Dimension3d's library manager promo page says it works on a mac.

    Willdial's "
    Genesis 3 to poser updater"
    From a forum thread:" I run in WINE. But I ran it inside Winebottler and it appears to work (it gave no errors). I told it to wrap the application and the files in the folder. A couple of notes:"
    Of EZSkin 3 works on a Mac you should be all set.

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    Thank so much for not taking offense.
    willdial and I have been working on this project since Feb's release of his plugin.

    We know we could not truly appeal to Poser users if they had to go back and forth to Daz Studio to open every pose, character etc file and convert the PCF files for Genesis 3 and al versions of Genesis.

    I discovered Semidieu's Shaderworks Library Manager but after most of the video was done most people could no longer purchase it. Luckily I discovered Dimension3D's XL library manager worked just as well.

    The next MAJOR problem we hit was there is no vendor support for G3 characters in Poser11. I knew a lot of Poser users would have no clue how to set up shader files.
    It was the discovery of EZSkin 3 that made the project viable.

    With EZSkin3 you eliminated the need for vendor support, especially products that were previously released. Your inclusion of the ability to create hair shaders is a huge advantage as of course your amazing character textures..

    I, along with the entire Poser community, are very grateful to you for taking your valuable time to create and provide us with your amazing EZSkin3.
    Without your EZskin3 the project would not have worked.

    Heartfelt thanks,Snarlygribbly.

  • At first I'd like to thank lululee, Snarlygribbly, Willdial and Dimension3D for their splendid efforts to make G3 available to the Poser users. I bought all the required products and I am just beginning to decide if G3F is a worthy successor to the trusty V4. After going through lululee's tutorial and browsing through many forums, I am now able to pose a G3F character inside Poser Pro 11, give her some clothes and render her properly. But there are some question that arose during my learning process. I hope this is the right place to ask them.

    Why are the custom morphs not showing up in the library?
    If I install custom face or body morphs, they do not show up in the XL library manager. I can see some "zero pose" entries under Genesis 3 Female/Shapes but the morph injections are missing completely.
    Do I have to inject those morphs in DAZ Studio and export the modified G3F character using the standard procedure involving the G3 Poser Updater?

    Is there a way around the very basic materials?
    When I apply a skin material to my G3F in Poser via XL, the only thing that is being used is the diffuse texture map. Okay, EZSkin3 takes care of converting this to a useful skin material (I am using SuperFly, BTW), but it does not use the specular or normal (bump) maps that I can see inside the texture folder. Additionally, some G3F characters seem to use layered textures for make-up, that do not work at all and leave the face skin completely white.
    I know that 3DF and IRay are different from Cycles, but is there any way to convert the materials? Or does it mean strenuous tweaking of cycles nodes and manually inserting textures for every character and make-up?

  • When you have the figure in poser, is a DSON script still running in the background? How quick is it to move the character around and have say 6 in a scene, compared with just using M4 and V4.

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    Here is the link to the forum for questions and trouble shooting.
    Willdial checks that forum regularly. He knows a lot more about the technical side than I do so it would be a benefit to post questions there.

    Willdial works with a lot of characters in his scenes. I know he likes to use Genesis 3 in scenes with Dawn, V4 and others so he could answer your question better than I can.

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    As far as I know there 3 ways to get the shader structure.

    1. EZSkin3 has settings that give procedural bumps, specular etc.

    ![alt text](0_1469466222700_Procedurals.jpg image url)

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    Here's what it looks like in the material room.

    ![alt text](image url)0_1469466296779_Bump-Specular.jpg

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    1. Contact the character vendor and ask them if they could send you the correct material files

    The problem is most vendors gave up on writing the material files for Poser for Genesis 3.
    it will take them awhile to realize there is now a market for the material files for Poser for Genesis 3.
    The only way the vendors will know there is a need for them is If enough people contact them directly asking for the Poser material files.

    1. Requires going into Daz Studio and converting the materials.
      You can put all of your character folder in a folder and batch convert them all at once.
      Willdial can tell you how to do that.


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    Morphs and shapes:
    When you load Genesis 3 and put her through willdial's updater she will only show up with all of the morphs and shapes that are CURRENTLY
    When you purchase new characters, morphs etc they will not show up until :
    Reload Genesis 3 and re-convert her with Willdial's plugin.
    Then the new ones will show up.
    There is no need to go into Daz Studio to either load or reload morphs and shapes.
    Let me know if this fixes the problem.

  • @lululee: Thanks a lot for the effort you put into helping me with my questions.

    I did not realize that there are so many presets in EZSkin3. I will try to find and play around with them.

    Concerning the morphs, do I understand you right that when I install new G3F morphs into my DSON Poser content folder, they are automagically applied to the basic G3F character when I reload and re-convert her?

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    When new morphs are installed and you then re-load Genesis 3
    Run that new Genesis 3 through willdial's updater
    Your new morphs will show up.
    They will not show up on the previous Poser Genesis 3 before the new morphs were installed
    They will show up on the new Genesis 3.

    I know it is a bit confusing when you first start working with Genesis 3 in Poser.
    We have to memorize new sequences.
    After a few days of working with her it will be very easy.

    One benefit of using EZSkin 3 shader structures and even the "procedurals only" presets is these shader structures and displacement/specular procedurals are designed for top quality renders in poser 11 firefly and superfly. Snarlygribbly and BB really understand these Poser 11 shader structures.
    Let me know if you have any problems.


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  • @xen: For me personally, DAZ Studio is a pain in the a**e. I tried it, but it was so unintuitive that I lost patience after a week.
    I use Poser since version 1 and I am used to it. Is has its flaws, but I like it and I can achieve results quite quickly. And it really gets better with every version (let's talk about the features here, not the bugs). SuperFly finally smoothly filled the gap that previously meant fumbling around with Reality, Octane or exporting to other 3D software.

  • I think this thread is about making a figure that is normally for DS work in poser. I did try it early on and found it did need the DSON script and more than one of these figures in a scene caused me problems in poser. But anyway a lot of people just make portraits with one figure so that should be useful to them.
    As for me, I will keep going with V4 for the time being, but I watch threads like this with interest and will be really keen to know how others get on with posing, dressing and using these figures in big poser scenes.
    Love esther

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    Yes, it does all work.

    "What are we giving up vs using it in DS? (Other than iRay vs Superfly)"
    Basically, you are giving up the myth that Genesis 3 does not work in Poser 11.
    I mean that in a respectful way.
    Somewhere something changed and DSON with either Dimension3D's XL library manager or Semidieu's Shaderworks library manger2 with the DazStudio plugin
    writes the Poser Companion automatically and converts Genesis 3 to triax.
    That changes things and makes it easy.
    If you are a Poser user, and want the choice to set up your scene and render Genesis 3 in Poser 11 either firefly or superfly you it will be able to do that in a very seamless manner if you have an interest in working with Genesis 3 in Poser.