Help ! Layer ^palette

  • Hello, everyone, this is my first post here...

    I am a total newbie. I've just purchased CLIP STUDIO PAINT 1.5.4. I plan to use it on my Surface Pro 4.

    But I cannot figure out how to show the layer palette. (I can see the layers but for instance I cannot figure how to modify its opacity)

    I've been struggling with it for 2 days, its driving me nuts!

    Does anyone know how to do that?

  • I'm a little confused: you can see the layers but don't know how to show the palette? Since I'm not sure exactly what you mean, I'll go over a few things and hopefully I touch on your issue.

    First to show the Layer Palette, go to Windows>Layer.
    Second, to ensure that you see all of the options on the Command and Property Bars, click the drop down menu at the top left corner of the palette (an arrow with three lines) and makes sure that Show Property Bar and Show Command Bar are checked. The Opacity Slider is on the Property Bar.

    I'm not too sure what the interface should look like on the Surface Pro but maybe your icons are too big. Go to File>Preferences>Interface and adjust the Touch Operation Settings.

  • Thank you Garlam!!!!

    This worked !
    Property Bar (In my french version : Barre des Propriétés)
    You just saved me from throwing a very expensive Surface Pro 4 through the window !

    Thank you thank you thank you!