Is there a simple way to import images from Microsoft OneNote to CSP?

  • Hello,

    Does anyone know if there is a simple way to import my drawings in OneNote to CSP?

    There is a few dozen pages worth of drawings made in Microsoft Onenote I'd like to use in CSP. But I can't find in witch format the two software can actually communicate.

  • You would have to save the OneNote stuff to PDF then convert the PDF images to TIFF. On a Mac you can use the Previews app. With Windows it would depend what software you have installed. Some scanner and printer software can convert if you don't have a PDF app. Or you can convert online for free.

  • garlam's method would work, but why not just copy&paste the image to CSP? You can select your drawing in oneNote, press ctrl-c (or right click-> copy) and then paste it into CSP (ctrl-v or rightclick-paste)

  • thank you Garlam and thank you Niclas,

    Funny, I thought I had already tried the copy/paste operation... but no... and it works!!!


    thanks again

  • always happy to help :)