Export morphs into FBX?

  • I am trying to export a model to FBX to import into iClone in Poser 2014 Game Dev. The 3DXchange does not show any morphs available, how do I get them exported from Poser?

  • I do not use iClone, so I do not know if this is helpful at all, but here it goes: In order to export morphs from Poser in FBX format you have to uncheck "bake all morphs" on export. After that you should see the morphs after import (at least it works if you import the fbx to Unity3d) .

    Unfortunately, last time I used morph export Poser wouldn't export morphs that are contained in the "body" group, but only those for individual body parts. I do not know, if this is a problem with Poser's export or if it is not supported by the FBX format.

  • Thanks. I figured it out, in the DAZ youtube tutorials I found, they mention you need to include a rule to always bake everything, in Poser I thought Bake All Morphs did the same, but nope, you uncheck that, then manually add everything on the next dialog box. Also it has to be saved as FBX 2011 Binary. Anyhow, now I know I'll buy the tool and that Poser and iClone can be friends.