Mac Reinstall Poser Pro 2014 / Runtime / Downloads

  • Hi - searched for specifically related posts, but didn't really find what I need.

    I recall what a hassle it was to get my content to play nice when I upgraded from Poser 9 to Poser Pro 2014 and that the resolution is that I need to have two identical copies of my Runtime content in two different locations [one within the app folder, and one somewhere closer to the root of my boot disk].

    What happened is that my memory board burnt up and took my processor with it, so I wasn't able to take a screenshot of the file hierarchy or anything. Now I finally have PP 2014 reinstalled, and I've been trying different things, to no avail.

    I realize most folks use Windows PCs, so if you really don't have Mac specific advice, no need to reply. Thanks

  • when you install Poser it asks where you want your runtime. What did you select?

  • @7evineX

    Whatever the platform, Poser has the ability to manage many runtimes. So that you can have one specific folder that contains all the runtimes you have, and you may configure each version of Poser to use all runtimes.
    Before the last crash of hard disk, I had the pro versions of poser 8, 9 and 10 (and now 11) that pointed to the same collection of runtimes (in which I still have the messed up version of poser7, too)
    No need to have multiple copies of the runtimes.

  • When I upgraded from Poser 9 originally, it was most definitely the case that I had to mirror two separate copies of the same runtime downloads, exactly as I stated previously. There was no prompt asking me where to place runtime.

  • So, to be clear: I am asking specifically about aftermarket download content - not content bundled with the app.

  • @7evineX said in Mac Reinstall Poser Pro 2014 / Runtime / Downloads:

    So, to be clear: I am asking specifically about aftermarket download content - not content bundled with the app.

    you should be able to go to your library and "add" another runtime folder and you'll be able to pick your old runtime folder.

  • @7evineX

    I think that the Download runtime structure is located under the application's main content runtime folder.

  • @Y-Phil
    Thank for the very helpful input, everyone - especially Y-Phil, who's comment basically resolved this specific issue. Still a few weird glitches remain, but I'll have to leave those for now. Thanks again!

  • @7evineX

    Thanks for your response :-)
    Now I can tell you the truth: I'm using Windows ;-)

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  • I have thousands of external runtimes. That way, I have a hair, and all it's mats are in it's own runtime and easy to find. I search my large amount of runtimes using semidieu's advanced library manager. I load a whole folder full of external runtimes into a reinstlalled poser, all in one hit, also using advanced library manager. This method works well for me with my large amount of content.
    It should be possible to download all your bought content from renderosity using taosoft's renderosity downloader that he is nearly finished developing.
    Love esther