Brush Angle Compass

  • I genuinely love the Manga Studio series, but one of the main reasons I never made the switch from 4 to 5 was the replacement of the brush angle compass in favor of sliders. Unfortunately, MS4 doesn't work that well on my Surface Pro tablet, so I caved in and bought Clip Studio Paint.

    The indicator system is a huge improvement over the sliders in MS5, but it still doesn't give me the precision I got from the compass system in MS4.

    I know there's not that many other people who draw using calligraphy brushes, but I'd like to make a request to bring back the compass for choosing brush angles.

    Alternatively, are there any other way of displaying brushes where it just shows what the brush tip looks like?

    One of the reasons it's so hard to judge the angle of the brush using the sliders is that the brushes are displayed like an example of how a complete stroke of the brush would look like. Which is great, but makes it harder to judge the angle of the brush tip.


  • There's a way of doing it but it's not great. If you open the Sub Tool Detail Palette and go to Brush Tip you can put an eye on the Direction so you can see it in the Tool Palette. Then in the Sub Tool Detail Palette click on Brush Size. There's a picture there of the tip that will rotate as you slide the Direction slider from the *Tool Palette. The reason it's not a great solution is that you have to keep the Sub Tool Detail Palette open just to see the rotating tip and it's a pretty big window. .