new instalation, new serial??

  • hi, i have buy clip studio paint about 6 mount ago/ instal in my computer and so far every thing ok/
    but now i have change computer and when i enter the serial for activation i get a message that the serial are already in use, in my old computer....

    what can i do?

  • Go to and click the email button. Support will fix it for you.

    We are developing a self service Graphics Portal that gives you license management control but it's not set up for Clip Studio. With Anime Studio, Motion Artist and Poser you can manage licenses at

  • If you uninstall the software when online, you may not encounter any issues, but if you do, just follow the prompts offered to deactivate the License to allow you to activate on the new system.

    Please note, abuse of the deactivation process can result in the Key not being valid.