Poser and... WHICH modeler (Blender, Blacksmith, ZBrush, etc.)?

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    The official English Language tutorial videos are posted at YouTube under Shade3D Channel:-
    Hope this helps ?....

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    First of the new video series uploaded.
    Poser2Blender2Poser 1 : The correct Poser and Blender Export -Import settings to get Poser groups and figures in Blender to create Morphs.

    Next in the new series will be improved video's on how to detail the meshes, get some clothing over them, and general finetuning to get the most out of the Poser-Blender combination.

    Have fun using the Poser - Blender tools.
    Best regards, Tony

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you Tony. I've been a Blender user for a long time, so I've been eagerly awaiting your video tutorials.

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    Thanks MissB, the new series is gonna be better then the previous series.
    Shorter, better, more detail, tips and tricks.

  • For props, furniture and buildings, nothing beats Sketch Up... specially since it's free and so easy to use!

  • @vilters Tony! Thanks so very much for the excellent P2B2P tutorial!
    I have been reading & watching several modeling tuts recently, but yours is the first one I could fully grasp so it will actually help (instead of confuse) me.
    I, and I'm sure many of us truly appreciate the time and effort you make. Please keep up the good work.
    Sincerely, Knute

  • RE The various 3D Modelers that might be good for Poser:
    I will probably stick with Blender, but I have also been looking at your other suggestions.
    ZBrush seems very much admired but its price is incredible. However, Pixologic does offer SCULPTRIS for free so I just downloaded it. It seems very basic and simple, so it might be a tool I could use. Anyone else here use Sculptris?
    I did try to check out STEAM and its MayaLT & MODO Indie. If I understand correctly: Steam is for gaming, social networking, DRM. You have to have Steam to get MayaLT/ModoIndie. The price for MayaLT is $14.95... until you click to purchase it, whereupon the price changes to a few hundred. Anyway, I guess none of the Steam or Autodesk stuff is for me (unless it can do something Blender can't do).
    SILO is one I still need to check out now.

  • @Knuten48 Just adding my two cents: Blender is awesome, free or not. It all depends on how you like to work. If you dig keyboard shortcuts and can get around the interface, then there's nothing regarding Poser you can't do with Blender. It's extremely powerful and the price can't be beat. That being said, it's not my cup of tea, but eh, different strokes for different folks and all. The best advice I could give anyone learning a 3D package is pick one and stick with it for a good minute. Otherwise you end up learning competing workflows and it makes the learning process harder. You'll know within 30 days if Blender is right for you if you burn the time. Personally, I use ZBrush and Modo as my mainstays. But that's only because the Blender way of doing things, while being extremely capable, just didn't tickle my fancy... well, that and Modo's GoZ functionality rocks alongside Poser and GoZ. Best mojo to you on your 3D journey! If you run into speed bumps give a shout. There's lots of helpful folks around to help when/if you need it.

  • I want to ask..In lightwave can do the same thing or not. Or just in blender?. (lightwave morp)

  • I m asking Tony about the tutorial video.

  • @momogun You can use Lightwave to do morphs too. OBJ export is the best way to go if you do in my opinion.

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    Agreed for export of Single groups to create single group morphs.

    Poser is "unfortunately" unable to export grouped meshes without loosing vertex order.
    Always load the original obj file in your 3D app to create a FBM from.

    This works for ALL Poser figures, except Alyson2-Ryan2.
    They "lost vertex order" during their construction.

    @Teyon private message send.

  • @vilters No wonder I had trouble using Ryan2 for creating custom face morphs !!!

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    For morphing characters GOZ from Poser to Zbrush is really a gem to work with.
    Recently Zbrush added model features, the Zmodeler brush, very cool to model props with.

    But for "old school" modeling props, any modeler will do, the basics are the same for every model software.

    Pick one with many video tutorials, such a wonderful fast way to learn.

  • @Teyon thanks

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    Second video of this series uploaded.

    In this second video, we will "detail" the Poser11 Pauline figure using a FBM created in Blender.
    Then finetune the mesh detail by projecting a High Definition Morph into the figure using the Fitting Morph brush tool.

    The result is an improved Pauline using a FBM and then further enhanced with a HD Morph projection.
    For a close-up render, the end user can leave both dials active.
    When the figure is far away from the camera, the end user can turn the level of detail down by removing the SubD if required to save memory.

    Best regards, Tony

  • Tony. Can u do tutorial in lightwave too In the future.. Please..

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    So sorry, but I do not have Lightwave.

  • Anyone using 3DCoat for morphs? I had an old copy but am thinking about upgrading it.

  • @vilters nvm. I expert with it already.. Thanks for u tutorial.