"Welding" vector control points in Clip Studio

  • Is there a way to join the ends of control points in a vector line? Suppose I want to close a gap between to end points in a vector line/curve?
    Is there a way to do that?

  • Use the Connect Line tool. It's in the Line Correction category.

  • I see. Thank you!

  • @garlam The connect line and other poly line tools seem to have disappeared from my tool bar. How do I get them back?

  • To be honest, I can't remember if this was a custom tool I made or if it came shipped. Usually, to restore tools that you lost, you would hold Shift while clicking the CSP icon on your desktop. That opens a menu that you can use to re-initiate settings. I haven't done this in so long I can't remember if that will remove any custom brushes you may have added or created so you may want to create a backup of your tools before you try this. To do that, go to the Celsys_EN folder located in My Documents. Copy that folder and place it somewhere safe. You can restore your setup by replacing that folder in My Documents.

    I'll go through the process for creating this tool, though. Go to the Correct Line tool group. At the top left hand corner of the Tool Palette you'll see a drop down menu. Click it and select, Create Custom Sub Tool. Name the tool Connect Line. The Output Process is Edit Line. Input Process is Brush. Select the Edit Line icon. Click OK. Open the Sub Tool Detail Palette and go to Edit Line and put a check next to Connect Line. Everything else will be your preference for the brush but I doubt you'll want a starting and ending correction or any spraying effect. Click Register Settings as Initial Settings.


    What are the other poly line tools you're missing? Did you lose the whole Correct Line group?