Is there a way to change the default comic book display line weight?

  • I find the default setting of 1 way too heavy—I never use anything heavier than .5, and I've been using .3 most often. Is there a way to change the default?

  • You can set the line weight and save to Preferred State for Launch

    Set up the scene the way you want.

    In the General Preferences under Document, Click the Button to Set Preferred State

    Under UI, make sure you check Launch to Preferred State.

    NOTE: You do not need to set the Default Scene to be Comic Book to save as Preferred State, but you will need to use Comic Book to allow you to change the settings for the Line Weight.

  • Thanks! That's perfect for new scenes. But for old scenes, the default is still 1. Not a big deal, I know, but any time we can save a step....

  • The Preferred State is just a saved scene. For old scenes, you can change the settings and save the Scene.

    For the old scene, you will need to update each item to the desired line weight manually, but once you do and save the scene, anything else added should have that as the Line Weight.