Importing, Exporting files between Poser & a Modeler (Blender, etc.)

  • First, File types: The Wavefront .OBJ seems to be most mentioned regarding import/export and Poser, but I see that Poser can export several other file types that Blender can import: 3DS, DAE, DXF, GoZ, MTL, OBJ, RIB, WRL.
    So which file type is best to use, and HOW do you properly export it from Poser, import it into Blender, save and then import it back into Poser?

    I ask because I found that most of these files present you with several options at each step (whether to weld vertices etc etc) and I didn't have a clue so I just accepted the defaults. But just how do you get your prop or figure back into Poser so it's still usable?

    My experiments so far: I opened the basic M4 CR2 (textured) into Poser, saved it as each of those files (3DS, DAE, DXF, GoZ, MTL, OBJ, RIB, WRL), and then imported them all into Blender (Blender wanted that MTL file with one of them, forget which). They all imported recognizably as a (small) M4 figure, except one (forget which) which came in as a small blob.
    Before saving the M4 I moved one arm down and one leg back so I could see if that pose would import in to Blender. A couple of those file types DID import my pose but the others ignored it and just imported the default 'T' stance. One of the file types allowed me to move body parts just like in Poser, so I guess it kept its bones even in Blender. So I wonder which file type is the best to use?

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    So sorry to say, but it does not work that way.
    First a question; What do you want to do?
    If you want to create morphs? Always use the ORIGINAL obj file.

    The vertex order changes when you export from Poser, so ALWAYS use the original obj file to create morphs.

  • Thanks Tony. I want to be able to do or at least try various things in Blender. Why? For Realism... I want my Poser content to render out utterly, convincingly real-looking, even close-up. Yes, texture/Material Room/lighting, as well as magnets & morphs play a huge role in that, but I'm talking about wanting to modify or change the wireframe mesh on some Poser & DAZ characters. I also want to create some content like hair, clothing, landforms, habitats (like for astronauts). But I'll be very happy if I only learn how to make a good hair, T-shirt or modify one part of a mesh.

    Please clarify for me about file types... Do you mean that I should only use OBJs from Poser in Blender, and never mess with those other file types (3DS, DAE, DXF, GoZ, MTL, OBJ, RIB, WRL)? (Darn, I thought I'd discovered something great there. But I confess it will be easier only having to worry about just OBJs).

    You said to use the original OBJ, and also to use a copy of it. (And I presume you also mean the OBJ I can unzip from its OBZ.) So I shouldn't take a CR2 I've made and import it as an OBJ into Blender since it wouldn't be the original OBJ, right? So I can't import any morphs, textures or poses for the OBJ into Blender, right?

    Okay, so I took an M4.obj in Poser Geometries and made a copy of it. Then I opened Blender and Imported that M4.obj (no 'Import Options' were presented). In Blender I unsuccessfully tried various things, but did manage to select the Neck part and increase its polygon count. Then I Exported it from Blender (no Export options given). Then I Imported it into Poser, but after 'Import Options' were presented (see pic)... I didn't know what to check so I just hit "OK". What came into Poser was a very tiny M4-and-BlenderCube PROP. (Guess I should have deleted that cube. I know I didn't have it selected when I exported M4.) I could see that indeed the neck part had the extra polygons, but otherwise the M4 was de-boned (unarticulatable) and useless; selecting any part of the M4 selected the whole thing, including the cube.

    How should I have done it? Help!


  • You don't have to go in to poser to make a copy of the obj you want to work with. Just copy it in windows explorer (or mac's equivalent). Import that into blender. the export options are on the save screen. The ones chosen in my pic were recommended for making morphs. Different projects might need different options.
    0_1469639566782_export options.JPG

    In poser when importing, you may want to uncheck centered and % of standard figure size.