Need help with panel borders

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    So I just got the program about a week ago. I did a few little art works.. So far im like super impressed. Altho I got the ClipStudio variant and im pissed because I didnt know I could get the Manga Studio one digitally.
    Anyways me and a friend want to make a web comic. I for the most part get how to split panels and how they work.. But It bothers me that when I use the default layouts it like has a gigantic border around the panels... I do still want a border but this one is huge... and I plan on posting it to deviant art and I hardly see any comics with that huge border... But I dont like just pulling the panel bigger because im not sure if its perfect... It wont snap to the outer guides at all... I just dont want like comics with different sized borders from comic to comic..

  • Manga Studio is no more. Clip Studio is now being distributed digitally (has been for a while) and the Manga Studio brand is gone. Make sure your version of CSP is up to date; it should be ver1.5.4. If not - update.

    You're panels are snapping exactly where they should be. The first guide from the edge on your canvas is the Bleed. Any artwork going up to this line may be cut off when the comic is printed. The next guide is your Trim. This is where the page gets cut when your comic is printed. The guide in the center is the Safe Area. Any artwork in that area is safe from the trimming. The panel borders snap to the Safe Area*.

    If you don't want all that white space around your canvas, trim the canvas before you r export or create your own custom Page Presets.

    You're also describing having huge panels. Do you mean the stroke? If so, use the Object Tool to select the border and in the Tool Property Palette - change the Brush Size.

  • Oh okay so how would I go about trimming? is that an option before exporting? Sorry if I am being extremely numb skulled.

  • You would change the canvas size before exporting. Go to Edit>Change Canvas Size then enter the size. You could make that an action.