Is there a (mostly automatic) conversion for G2F and G3F clothing to V4?

  • G3F and G2F did not manage to seduce me yet; my heart still belongs to V4.
    So here is my simple question: Is it somehow possible to convert clothing made for G2F or G3F so that I can use it on V4 in Poser Pro 11?

  • Not in Poser. I'm not quite sure if it can be done in DS. It can be converted from V4 to G2F and G3F within DS using other scripts, but I'll need to take a closer look if the reverse can be accomplished. Now adding the proper clone to G2 and G3 can autofit clothing, with the possibility of conversion.

  • It wouldn't matter what program is necessary, it would just be great if it was possible without putting too much effort in it. It's a pity that only very few clothing is still being made for V4, so it would be nice if the growing supply of stuff for G3F could be made to use.