CLO-Atelier - The big sister of Marvelous Designer

  • Those of you who want to take a shot at making clothing for your favorite figure in a different way may want to take a shot at CLO Atelier. This is an extended version of Marvelous Designer, with some useful functions like making marks on the garment (like a tailor uses chalk), possibility to import patterns in autodesk format, and facilities for more detail inthe garment.
    It uses the same data format as Marvelous Designer for the clothing and accepts Poser-generated Collada avatars.

    They offer a fully functional free trial for one full month, (are you reading, Charles?)
    Details of the newest functions are here

    When you are interested, do me a favor and use this link to get it.

    It does not come with any content. I will upload the Pauline avatar to Content Paradise also shortly. I would be happy to share also my Roxie avatar or one of the other figures but I am afraid the Poser guys are not there yet.

    Noted disadvantge is the geometry export is only to Alembic format, not to .obj. (Or is the absence of Alembic import a shortcoming of Poser? )
    Does anyone know of a good converter?

  • Avatar is now up at her home in Conten Paradise here.