Coloring line art issues.

  • Trying to color some lineart and I can't seem to get it to work the way every single video I've watched says it should.

    Here's my layers panel.

    Layer 1 - Scanned in sketch.
    Layer 2 - G-Pen lineart over the sketch
    Layer 3 - Color

    No matter what I do, nothing shows up on my image if I use any tool to color on the 3rd layer. The only way it works is if I change the blending mode to "multiply" on the 2nd layer. No video I've watched shows that I should be having to do that to see color. I'm assuming it's a transparency issue with the 2nd layer, but I didn't do anything but make a new layer and start drawing on it with the G-pen. Help?

  • Instead of trying to figure out what you are doing that is causing the issue, let's go over what you should be doing (and you can compare).

    You've scanned in your artwork and placed it on a layer. Above that layer, you created a new layer and set the color expression to Gray. In the Layer Property Palette, click the Black box.


    When you're done with the line art layer you can hide (or delete) the scanned image (unless you still need it for something?).

    To color, create a layer below the line art layer, make the color expression Color and begin to color.


    If you want to fix the issue with your current drawing (whatever the problem may be) switch the color expression of the layer to Gray and click that Black box.

    The Gray color expression will maintain your anti-aliasing, if you used it while inking. To color, its better to switch it to Monochrome so you don't have to deal with a thin padding of semi-transparent pixels around all of the line art. If your artwork is to be viewed on a monitor you may want that anti-aliasing back so when you're done coloring and you're ready to export your work, switch the expression of the line art back to Gray.

    If this is for print, you would export the line art in Monochrome separate from the coloring file.

  • Thanks! that helps a ton! Weirdly my project no longer has that "PAPER" layer.. how do I get that back?

  • No Paper? I think I know where it went. You somehow merged your line art with the Paper layer. It could have happened a few different ways; Ctrl+E to merge down, the command bar merge down quick button. Anyway, that's why you could only see the color layer after making the layer mode Multiply. The white pixels of the Paper Layer replaced the transparent pixels of your line art layer. Now that you've switched the color expression of your line art layer to Gray and clicked the black box, you've hidden the white pixels and you're probably seeing the checkerboard now (whereas before, with the Multiply mode you were still seeing the white pixels).

    To get your Paper layer back, go to Layer>New Layer>Paper. Select White and click OK.