How to get old digital purchase of CSP onto new pc?

  • I bought Manga Studio Debut 4 a long time ago, and upgraded to the full digital version Clip Studio Paint Pro. Since then I have upgraded the OS of my old computer, completely wiping the hard-drive. I've installed MSD4 on my new computer, which has Windows 10. However, I still have the receipt and download instructions and license key for the version of CSP I purchased. How do I re-upgrade to CSP on my new computer? Do I have to buy it again?

    Edit: I did just register my digital version of Clip Studio Paint Pro, but I haven't found a way to download it, since I paid for it already.

  • I can make do with Manga Studio Debut 4. I just miss using Clip Studio Paint.

  • Download a trial version. You can use your serial number to activate it.