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    Er, I don't know why you think that, either.

    Well, it's especially your render where she takes a kung-fu pose.

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    @shvrdavid Guys, it would be really helpful to have an NSFW label/title on posts like this.

    I could place my own NSFW bar.

    0_1477263829659_CONTENT ADVISORY.jpg

    ... but meanwhile it is well known and your boss can spot it from a mile away.

  • I see, it's a matter of size. Americans like everything big and that sort of thing ...

    This better ?

    0_1477281706059_CONTENT ADVISORY LARGE.jpg

    0_1477281716169_pauline a oichi 320.jpg

  • @James_in_3D LOL I had the same conversation with him about two months ago and got the same reaction: "Oh, you should not surf the web while you are at work." I work from home so it's no big deal but others might not feel that way. And I AM an American and can tell you that we love the T&A just like the rest of you guys but this forum just doesn't feel like it needs it or is appropriate.

    If I'm having a problem with a render/figure/prop/material, do I really need to post a nude? It takes a few extra seconds to conform a top and pants to my character or conveniently render from the neck up.

  • Is it just me, or does anyone else find Pauline rather ugly?
    For those who do like her there's lots of stuff left for Pauline at RDNA in the final sale.

  • Yes,t rather ugly, though if you use the Advanced Pauline morphs it gets much better.

  • Then Darth J can post all the happy boobies and naked sunbunnies massaging lotion into each other's derrières he wants to,

    Those are actually renders of existing or future freebie poses for figures almost nobody cares to make freebies for..

    Such as this one, a WIP about car wash poses. In front V4 whom has too many pose sets already and Pauline Advanced in the back. also considered were Roxie and Miki 2. I guess it will remain a WIP, I wouldn't want anybody get fired.

    0_1477296674916_CONTENT ADVISORY BOSS.jpg

    0_1477296738518_SP14 - PAU TRABANT1.jpg

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    Is it just me, or does anyone else find Pauline rather ugly?
    For those who do like her there's lots of stuff left for Pauline at RDNA in the final sale.

    She's decent if you get a character package for her with good maps and some morphs:


  • Yeah, she's a bit too boxy in the jaw for me, but hey, default V4 is a bit of a horse, and V3 looks like an aged Russian gymnast. None of the default characters are much to look at until you get some decent morph packs, 3rd party sculpts and some decent skins. Ghostship's last post is MUCH better than 99% of the Genesis 3 images I see on the DAZ sites simply because G3 skins look plastic.
    I have hope for Pauline (although my hope for Dawn died some time back).
    Hopefully Paul gets more love than Michael 4 ever did.

  • Well if that render is Dawn I might need to take another look. I gave up and stopped looking ages ago because her proportions were stupidly 'heroic' and no matter what anyone did, it still looked like a minor iteration of stock Dawn (kinda like we see with Pauline ATM). I have characters of V4 that you'd be really hard pressed to tell who the base character is unless the actual pose gives it away (her bends).

    I agree on the clothes front too, but I think that plays across the board. Have a look at Rob Zhena's post further up, the tight dress... look at the hemline between Pauline's thighs. No skirt does that, it should be a straight line. Not blaming Rob at all, it's a limitation of conforming clothes, but I wish people would pay more attention to the way things actually fit and where they hang from. High res clothing is still rubbish if it bends wrong, hangs wrong, has deformed/stretch textures and couldn't stay on in the real world unless it was glued there or painted on. I suspect this is a reason why we get so much 'hooker wear'. If Poser sped up and refined the cloth room and we got some more hybrid conforming/dynamic clothes options, we could do so much better.

    Of course then there's the hair ;-)

  • @piersyf Some folks only look at what's in the store, and make their judgments about what they see there. I happen to be a fan of Dawn, but have to agree she needs more clothes in all genres.

    Then again, I spend a fair amount of time on the HW forums, and the one thing I see there I don't see at other forums, are development threads by both the HW folks, and the various Contributing Artists (vendors) showing what they are working on.

    The one outstanding option this gives the end users, is a way to communicate what they're looking for, because the developers are listening to their audience. That's not something you see very often at 3D sites/stores.

  • Well, I just revisited the Hivewire site. I didn't delve too deep (half an hour or so), but what I find is the site is difficult to navigate (refine selections to Pauline morphs or Pauline clothes or whatever) rather than scrolling through every page regardless of content (if it has that capacity and I missed it, sorry... but I missed it). I found 2, maybe 3 things I'd buy, neither of which would do much to shake the dominance of what I can get out of V4 still.
    The devs may well be conversant in the forums, and that IS a good thing, but frankly until it gets to the store, it doesn't exist, and what I see in the store is not inspiring. People can't even get straight waist lines on pants... ATM I'm working on a range of buildings that I'm thinking of putting on the market... I KNOW they are better than half of what is already available, but they haven't met my expectations yet, so a more work, more learning... one day I'll make clothes...
    ...and, even if the product is REALLY GOOD, how the *** are you supposed to know that with the awful promo renders?

    We've asked for a gallery here; one forum I'm a member on has a thread called 'show us your stuff'. It's where people show renders of products. Maybe that's what we need, a place where people showcase their best renders and list the actual products used. If it was searchable, we could get a whole bunch of ideas as well as potential variations (textures, morphs etc).

  • Sorry, should have said Dawn, not Pauline...

  • @piersyf No, you can't compare Dawn's closet with V4's. I'm a huge V4 fan, and have always considered her my favorite of all the DAZ3D ladies, but she's what 9 or 10 years old. I have a ton of stuff for V4 I've bought over the years, but Dawn's only 3 1/2 years old, and I'm not sure how anyone can think Dawn would have the same amount of variety in her closet as V4 has in hers. That's almost like comparing apples to oranges.

    Dawn has improved since her first version came out, the fact that not as many vendors in other stores besides HW have started creating for her isn't something we can do anything about. DAZ3D was a well established store when V4 came out, and vendors at other sites grabbed her and started creating for her. The HiveWire store isn't any older than Dawn herself, and though several vendors at other stores have created items for her, mostly it's the HW store that's coming out with new content for her.

    It always seems to me a lot of new items for her are taking longer to hit the store, but I'm finding the products are better quality, and are incorporating a lot of what the customers are looking for. To me, at least, that's a plus, rather than having to hunt for something that might only be 85% of what I'm looking for.

    Anyway, I don't want this to sound like a rant, it's just I'm happy to wait for something I know is going to be exactly what I'm looking for when it hits the store. I can only hope more vendors at other stores either start to sell items at HW as well as the store(s) they're already selling at, or move to the HW store, as some former RDNA vendors did rather than moving to DAZ after the merger.

    OK, that all said, let's turn this thread back to Paul and Pauline, as the OP intended. ~smile~

  • No problem. The only reason I mentioned Dawn at all was to say I hope Pauline develops faster.
    So, the negatives: Half of Dawn's wardrobe is also available for V4, mostly the Evilinnocence line. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great they're available for multiple characters, the point is that in a crowd you have 30 or so V4 women of all different shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities, and then there's a Dawn. Easy to pick, yep, that's Dawn. Same for Antonia. Now maybe I can think of possibly three variations of Dawn that are worth the effort (the one that does the age morph from 4 to adult is a good one). It isn't the clothes, they can be refitted. It's the morphs and the skins.
    Now the positive (and on thread!). I think Pauline has a lot of potential. The face rigging is great, but if in 3 years we have very few morphs available and few skins available that potential will not be realised. People will still chase the DAZ collective and ask to be assimilated.
    Second (hopeful) positive: Pauline was released in conjunction with Superfly. I think the possibility of getting awesome skins for Pauline that will kick sand in IRAY's plastic face is real. Like I said earlier, I'm hopeful for Pauline, and I hope Paul gets some love too.

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    Yes,t rather ugly, though if you use the Advanced Pauline morphs it gets much better.

    Oh, @DarthJ, do you truly think I'm rather ugly?

    0_1477385414519_I am Paulette 2.jpg

    People apparently forget that when Teyon solicited ideas about the Poser 11 figure on the RDNA official website, many said that they wanted a figure that did not have a clear character look that would affect morphed characters. They wanted a neutral figure that could be morphed into anything. That is the base Pauline that we got.

    This image is my Paulette freebie. I wonder if she would give DarthJ a second look as dating material? I'm just a hobbyist learning to take advantage of Pauline. I made Paulette to be beautiful to my eye. I made Oichi to be pugnacious and scrappy. I will produce other freebies that show how much variation is possible in Paul and Pauline with Poser 11's built-in tools. If you don't like them, don't download them.

    I'm sorry a nice thread devoted to resources for Pauline and Paul has gone off the rails.

  • @ghostship That's really nice. Which character package do you mean?

  • I'm sorry a nice thread devoted to resources for Pauline and Paul has gone off the rails.

    Let's put it on the rails again then.
    I can just confirm ghostship's recommendation.
    I purchased the Pauline Galore Bundle here at CP. (Yes, the bundle being at sale now played a role in my decision.)
    Over time I regretted many a purchase I made in shops, but not this time. These characters somehow break the 'resistance' I feel sometimes in Pauline and make her fun to play with.
    Yes, plain recommendation from my side.