Import Fuse Mixamo for Poser Pro 11

  • First of all, I apologize, because the English n
    It is not my language.

    I'm trying to work it out some time. I can import models created in the FUSE program (Mixamo or Adobe now). Once inside Poser, I can even touch it, but the whole body seems totally disconnected, and I can not do simple things, or use already existing pre poses models. I am newbie with Poser, could someone help me?

  • @Elvis
    You mean Eyes and eyebrows separating from the head?
    It helps when you check all the options under ├žonforming' in the 'body' actor of the eyes, eyebrows and hair.

    Then for Poser default poses: you cannot use them. The figure has completely different actors. What is 'waist'for most Poser figures is 'spine' in the Mixamo rig. Poser can not know how to translate the one in the other.
    Also: arms up and down is x-rotation. The orientation of the arms joints is different so even if the names correspond, the movement will be different.
    You can save your own poses for these figures of course

  • I have done several Mixamo imports into Poser Pro 11. If you import with a Mixamo animation, the figure will animate easily inside PP11. If you just download the FBX without any animation, you have to pose the figure manually. I found that you need to click on the body part inside the Hierarchy pop-up window, and not on the body part in your scene window, then the body part will move correctly. Use the Parameter dials to move the body parts. If you get a set of FBX all coming into your scene, the topmost one in the Hierarchy window is the one that controls all the other FBX below it. That means, in the Hierarchy window, if you see Hair FBX as topmost, it will be fully rigged with all the body parts just like the Figure, the Clothing, the Shoes, etc. It is the Hair parts ( in my example) which will move all the other FBX figure parts.